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Apr 07, 2002 08:37 AM
by Nisk98114

The simple idea of discernment brings about , it seems, an almost unending 
complexity.Yet , it also seems, we are to undertake such a task if we are to 
have any hope of recovering a true feeling of strength when it comes to the 
Light of Theosophy.
Pairs of opposites are often mentioned in theosophy and hopes seem to be the 
opposite of fears, so , is there a state beyond hopes and fears?

A calm state that merely reflects and is not the participant?
Theosophy states that this is the perceiver which is beyond all conditioned 
states.This seems to be what is pointed to as being "I and my Father are one" 
a great Masters statement.
This is pointed to as being helpful when regarding any being's statements or 
as a means of discerning the false from the true and reading, as it were, 
between the words and actions of anyone. Without attaining that true "Home" 
within ourselves we are apt to flounder and remain confused as to the 
"rightness" of statements made by even great beings(in our minds,of course) 
[a great being being anyone we place above and beyond ourself] So , then 
, we MUST find home in order to discern correctly any outward or inward 
Theosophy "smacks" of home and , by G'd most of us seem to realize that to a 
Let us all return through mutual aid and understanding.

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