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RE: Questions and Answers

Apr 07, 2002 05:48 AM
by dalval14

Sunday, April 07, 2002

Dear Friends: and Sally and Jim,

Very true

Stuffing in theosophy is useless. But giving interesting leads of
thought is valuable if we can.

As you say, better (if one knows how) to lead enquirers to say
what they are interested in and then, in answering, show that the
"fundamental ideas on which Theosophy is always based emerge.
But the need is to do that simply and logically.

After all Theosophy deals only with facts and, is not
speculative. The facts are the history, and the rules of all
Nature. So analogies and correspondences are all around us.

Therefore The SECRET DOCTRINE, for instance , tells us of the
history of the reincarnation of our Universe, our solar system,
and our Planet -- as well as the way in which wisdom and
knowledge are acquired by all beings gradually -- since each is
an embodiment of the spiritual ALL, in which we live and have our
continued being.

The more I read H P B and Judge, the more I realize that on
every page there are references to the 3 fundamentals in some way
or another.

But to get back to prayer? Basically, as I see it, one never
gets anything for nothing. Why should a "God" or a powerful
"something," ever provide a crumb for a person who does not work
for what they want ? Who has the obligation ?

The promise or the hope that petitioning will secure scraps is
insidious, and demeaning to the mind. If we are truly immortals
then in our own interior Spiritual Selves are the answers already

We need to now how to ask the right questions, and also, to so
prepare our attention that we will be able to secure from
answers, or even non-answers, an inkling of what the truth
probably is. In other words we need to learn to THINK.

The only way I know, is to identify certainties -- things that
are immovable, and always present.
Now dong that is the first step. What can we be certain of --
what can never be argued away, or taken away from our grasp and
understanding ?

Then follows the process of seeing if that, in fact, and
actually, we form a part of every aspect of the living Nature
that surrounds us, in our memories, in our present decisions, and
in our probable futures. We continually exchange atoms, and
finer substances, with all our surroundings and with other minds
near and far. Under what rules is this done? Who has the
answers ?

Now this cannot be done in a "minute and a half," for we have to
unwind and destroy crooked thinking and notions we have acquired
and which will continue to obstruct, until we do that. -- and if
it has taken us a long time to know we need to ask questions, it
will take some time to get rid of the dead wood and the useless
debris of notions in our memories and ways of thought. How do we
get rid of our mental "cataracts" and acquire implants that
permit us to see clearly (mentally) again? what are those
"cataracts" Are they by chance our emotions and desires ?

So the first step is to notice we are ignorant in some areas,
but, also that we have the potential to learn anything we set our
minds to. And we can clear up our own messes by present efforts.

How we employ our time is a matter we decide on hereafter.

if we are impatient, we will inevitably miss far more than we
will secure and retain for actual solid and valuable use. We
inevitably make ourselves, and our stature as thinkers and
logicians depends on the quality of devotion we place on the
subject, and the object of our search. But all teachers and
good pupils know that, so it is nothing new.

It is not the MIND that is impatient, it is the "desire and
feeling nature" -- KAMA, which now obstructs us. If we once
understand that we are immortals, and are able to relate in
memory our progress from our youth up to the present, the
increments of knowledge we have acquired in this incarnation
become clearer to us.

Also we need not feel any abandonment, as we will always return
to incarnation is a situation that is in perfect accord with what
we have established in this life. Why should nature act for us
in anything but an absolutely just fashion -- as she does right
now in keeping us alive ? This is why death is said to be
analogous to sleep -- we (the spiritual and mental we)
reincarnate, and pick up our tasks in the company of those we
were working with, in earlier lives.

Theosophy has been called by H P B: sanctified common sense.

GOD IS EVERYWHERE. No exceptions. So we are a part of God and
therefore we are brothers to all else.

Differences are in degree of development of intelligence and
mental power -- but any increment thereto does not separate us
further from the "rest." it only enhances the power of the good
we can do for others on their request. The wise always serve the
ignorant, in the hope that they will also become wise as well.

Show me in the KEY TO THEOSOPHY (HPB) where H P B says "prayer"
is effective? I know what she says, and she says that nature and
"God" play no favorites. She speaks of the acquisition of wisdom
and of making it work for all, as a duty. She says that the best
kind of prayer is a spiritual life devoted to the welfare of
others, and certainly not only for our petty selfish selves. And,
as you say, that is spiritual ACTION. H P B there speaks of
WILL-PRAYER and the true use of the will is to elevate and make
ones life and being SPIRITUAL. And that is a distinct
improvement over the selfish, ignorant and vicious personal self.
How do we learn how to practice virtues unless we try to find out
what they are and how they are identified ? A simple definition
of "evil" is to say that it is a refusal to obey nature's good
laws. It is a selfish distortion performed in secrecy and for
personal profit of some deed to thought which will hurt others.
But, as you observed, if God is everywhere, He/It knows exactly
what and why we have acted. We cannot escape. Are we cowards
that we wish to be pardoned and excused? Who, then takes care of
those whom we made into our victims? Are we not responsible to
them ? Is not it our duty to redress directly to them ?

In effect, true "prayer" is determination -- a discipline that is
self-imposed in order to make ourselves more effectively
spiritual, and hence we become more intensely brothers to the
whole of Nature around us.

If one reads the BHAGAVAD GITA one finds that the fight is always
in the mind. It is the battle between the HIGHER and the LOWER
MIND -- between Spirituality (wisdom) and selfishness

Best wishes,


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Sent: Saturday, April 06, 2002 6:19 AM
Subject: Re: PRAYERS -- Questions and Answers

It all depends on yourself, what is your own background? What is

Generally, when a newcomer arrives, the tendency is to
stuff them with Theosophy, unto spiritual indigestion.

However, the better approach it would seem, would be to find out
more about the newcomer's own background, and then ask they ask
questions, attempt good answers.

Ususally, the idea is that one prays to one's conception of God.
religions require a belief in God. The Hindus have altars to
many gods, as
their relgion is a pantheistic one. The Buddhists have yet
another idea -
rather difficult to grasp.

Where is one's God located? Within one's heart? In the sky? On

No doubt prayer is effective. Many studies have shown that; in
the Key to
Theosophy, by Blavatsky, she, also, goes into prayer's

Does one pray for one's own benefit? For the benefit of others?

Blavatsky, in the Key to Theosophy, says that prayer must be
followed by
actions in order to make it effective.

Just some thoughts. Let me know what you think.


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