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Re: Re: Theos-World why have talk lists?

Apr 06, 2002 07:31 PM
by folknn

Because the abandonment of such attitudes is not possible for anybody,
with the possible exception of a few dozen out of billions. If that were
the whole point of trying to understand the ancient philosophies, then
the attempt would be pointless. Abandoning of such attitudes is one of
many probable RESULTS from the actual understanding of the ancient
philosophies, but the point goes far beyond it.

Bart Lidofsky

You leave me confused. First you state it isn't possible then you state it is possible for a few dozen out of a billion. Well, is it possible or not?

If it is possible in at least one single human out of a billion then it is possible. If it was possible for avatars such as Jesus and Buddha, then it is very possible for the rest of humanity. The difference lies in how much one is willing to try.

Dr. G. de Purucker, head of the Theosophycal Society from 1929 to 1942, states on his book "Studies in Occult Philosophys": "There is no such abiding and eternally unchanging ego or sould or even spirit in man, an ego or soul or spirit which is different in essence in each man from what it is in any other man, nor is there any such abiding and unchanging individuality which is different in some god from what it is in some other god." "...Lord Buddha taught so powerfully in saying that there is no eternally abiding, unchanging, distinct, eternally differentiated principle or element in a man when compared with other cosmic units, such as other men, or other beings and entities."

If one can not belive that such abandonments are possible then one might as well give up on the idea of becoming Dhyan-Chohans; therefor giving up the idea of becoming Absolut (or FREED) ...therefore and only after reaching Parabrahman.

So yes, this is the at least a very important aspect of Theosophy and I personaly would like to belive it is the whole point in understanding the ancient philosophys.

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