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One's proverbs

Apr 06, 2002 02:54 PM
by Ademm Indra Ka

One that looks into a mirror sees an image of a image
One that breaks things put them together in ones own way
One's idea of something is something and nothing
One decides not to decide for a path only goes where it leads
One gives something in return for nothing
Nothing is an idea in one's mind which is also nothing
One divided by one is one
One strives to become zero and one
One opens doors and makes windows
One is universal zero is the universe and not
One is considered to be a number in the mind of a number
One rises up to the highest point and falls down to the lowest only 
to realize that one is where one is
One occupies one mind with this and that and nothing and everything
Identity is ones worst enemy one identifies with the ego which is not 
one it is two
One understands two to be one and another which is apart of one as 
is every other number
One only understands one
Zero is what one really is and not
One designs patterns to expand the meaning of one there is only one pattern
Bright skies and rainy clouds are one in and out of ones mind
Little girls and boys and giant girls and boys are all the same size to one
One is big and small
One is above and below
One encourages one to be one
One looks into a well to see water which is one inside of one
One looks to the stars to see one around one

I must say that ones ideas are very lucid It is of me to express that 
the perfected one may live in wealth or poverty and sees no 
difference- becoming one does however causes certain problems in 
living life it is hard to differentiate purpose. One looses all 
responsibility yet must be responsible for ones family which is 
everything. Moral dilemmas arise to conform to many different bounds. 
One may loose ones humanity and must become humanity all at the same 
time. Buddha is a product of one Buddha however chooses to become 
zero and in some respects looses all to gain nothing and everything 
which one also strives toward however One must balance zero and one 
One must accept living on all planes One is apart ov everything and 
nothing Zero is everything and nothing. so be it
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