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re Brigitte/censorship/guidelines

Apr 05, 2002 04:33 AM
by Mauri

Surely there are ways and means by which all or most kinds of 
comments might be interpreted in some kind of "meaningful-enough" 
way, in "comparative terms," that might "amount to something," 
maybe, at the end to the day . . . ? That is, how about "creative

I suspect that when we assign a certain kind of somewhat "superior 
stance" to "our own views" to the extent that they narrow our 
general awareness, then, I suspect, we might be heading toward 
what some Theosohists might tend to see as a somewhat 
"over-exoteric" view, maybe. Instead, shouldn't we cultivate, say, a 
"more-balanced" overview?

My earlier comments re Bugs Bunny were meant to be in keeping 
with what I saw as "a somewhat more-balanced overview." In 
other words, there would seem to be (?) many "higher profile" 
Theosophists whose words might often seem "carefully considered"
. . . but what if those same words, or similar words, were uttered by 
someone who is generally thought of as having a fairly lesser 
reputation for "real wisdom," like Bugs Bunny, say?

Well, BB may often be perceived as not being particularly 
wisdomic, "per se, exactly," maybe, but, then, surely Theosophists
(in particular!) ought to at least try to figure things out "on their 
own," to some kind of "meaningful-enough" extent . . . so wouldn't 
they find, say, BB's comments (and those of various people, 
possibly, for that matter) at least offering them a challenge and a 
worthwhile exercise, as when (eg), interpreting various possible 
meanings re BB's:

<<Don't take life too seriously; you won't get out of it alive!>>

Similarly, when interpreting the comments of those who may seem 
to come across (for whatever reason!) as "libelous trolls," say, (or 
most whatever?) couldn't one, (at first, at least?), make use of that 
offered challenge to "meaningfully-enough" see beyond whatever it 
is that seems most apparent to one, just then, as, say, "troll-like," or 
whatever, and, in effect, to some extent (maybe?) transcend some of 
that impression . . . ? "Transcend" too some extent, maybe, in 
some cases . . . ?

Or do we all tend to feel that we're already maxed out every which 
way . . . ? 


PS I wonder what form the last straw might have taken that got Bri 
kicked off of Theos-Talk . . . 

PPS Well, some "headaches" can be "real," or "real-enough," I 
suppose . . . But, then, after a good night's sleep . . . as in my case
. . . Well, at least I "feel" much better, now, I think, speculatively 
speaking, as compared to just yesterday. And since I don't regard 
my "speculativeness" as "less real," I don't have too many 
conniptions over them: tend to see them as having a gluelike, 
two-way, "aliveness/creativeness" function with "reality."

PPPS I was going to say: Please, Mr Eldon, pleeeese bring 
Brigitte back to Theos-Talk, but, I had second thoughts: What's the 
point of sending stuff to two lists if one list does the job, anyway . . 
. ? We may be saving ourtselves time and effort if we use just one 
list that does the job . . . ?

PPPPS Of course, on the other hand . . . (why do people generally 
have "other hands" . . . oh, ok, it's the "dualistic thing," ok), not 
having read all of Brigitte's posts . . . well . . . hmm . . . 

PPPPPS But . . . (Surely there must be some kind of "but" in a 
dualistic world such as this! Surely? On the other hand, of course 
some "buts" . . . are, or seem to be . . . just "some buts" . . . maybe
. . . ?)

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