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Re: Theos-World Re: Brigitte

Apr 03, 2002 03:32 PM
by adelasie

Hi Bill,

I think that when we join a list, and read the guidelines, we accept 
the responsibility to follow them in our activity on the list. This 
is what I mean by obedience, following the rules of the list in our 
participation. For a theosophist, ultimate obedience is owed only to 
one's Higher Self, whatever that means to the individual, and nobody 
can dictate how that should be observed. Each has to figure it out 
for himself. But for a student of occultism, it is a good idea to 
obey the laws of whatever activity he is engaged in. It helps him to 
bring himself into line with whatever endeavor he is involved with. 
It's like practicing in small things helps with the big things. The 
alternative is glorification of the personal ego, which is not 
recommended for the serious student.

> Could you expand on how you interpret the "principle of obedience" as
> meaning that we should accept what Eldon thinks is right, with
> gratitude in our hearts?

We owe Eldon gratitude for the work he has done to create this list 
and the work he does to keep it going. His decisions are his alone to 
make, and since none of us is the owner, why do we think we should 
make his decisions? "There is great danger in doing the work of 
another," said WQJ. When we ignore this wise counsel, we entangle our 
karma with that other, and the sorting out can take time and unknown 
> No one is denying that Theos-talk is Eldon's list and he can do with
> it as he chooses. But, are we being disobedient if we give voice to
> the perceived unfairness of banishing Brigitte while others on this
> list, *just like Brigitte*, pander their pet projects, insult people
> while hiding behind troll-like tactics, and are generally destructive
> to meaningful dialogue? I should think that one or two of us may have
> pledged obedience to that inner voice that guides us. Are you saying
> that everyone's inner voice should give the same guidance with respect
> to Brigitte? And if my inner voices whispers, "foul" have I just
> misunderstood?

You are entitled to your opinion, as is everyone, me included. I'm 
looking for underlying principles, always, to try to understand what 
is happening. In this case, the list has guidelines, so it isn't hard 
to figure out what is going on, or what is our best response. 
> What's done is done, but something can be learned by looking at the
> event (expulsion of Brigitte) from various perspectives don't you
> agree?
Certainly. There is always much to learn from such events. Sometimes 
our most important tests come in the smallest seeming events. "There 
are no little things." The only way to find out whether we are making 
progress is to examine our real motive for whatever we do. That is up 
to the individual, and I make no comment on the correctness of your 
opinions or statements. I have only to try to keep track of my own 


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