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Poly Directive

Apr 02, 2002 01:42 PM
by Ademm Indra Ka

Still born reactions of days filled with activities as it were 
Electrical threads move the mountain of eclectic positioning Blue 
moons in and out of arranged time Each date time in connection with 
poetic reasoning No time like the present No really Days in a timed 
pre-production Erratic words calling for the moment It will give you 
always what you want Never what you ask for Connect all with like 
patterns Passion drives the monarch mansion into a pause Push the 
doors open Live in your mountains hole Drive in the stake of the 
divine purpose Focus in on what you see I will be there staring back 
at you In and out on top of the highest mountain 2 deeds of different 
worlds become one with eternity One looks into the well buried deep 
within the fountain source Give up control to grasp these concepts 
Beautiful faces with roots connecting them to the divide We have met 
with the gods of the entwined directive Speak of creation and of the 
masses All are filled with such Beauty its in every one of us They 
hold there place here and beyond One must make the decision To be Or 
not to Be and decide not ones fate many fates One lives through your 
eyes One will be what you conceive one to be.

;,.'::.":;,.,'.,:;',,::..':.;,,";"',,:;,,.:.:":::,.,,;"'.:. ;,

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