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RE: Theos-World Re: Is thought real?

Apr 02, 2002 05:28 AM
by dalval14

04/02/2002 2:51 AM

Dear Adelasie:

I am in agreement with what you send.

However, in matters involving Theosophy, we have the basic
principles as in the 3 Fundamentals.
(S D I pp. 14 -19 )

These are offered to us after Universal Symbology and its
derivations are discussed (S D I pp. 4 -7 )

H P B says (still earlier) that the whole of the philosophy of
Theosophy can be expressed in a "few pages of signs and glyphs."
As far as I can see, it is true. And, I think those give us
adequate guidance to cover the moral and ethical side of any
proposition or question. They also imply the Laws of evolution,
the rationale of reincarnation and the "goal" which all have as a
common aim: Universal and SUPREME, Divine Perfection.

If one desires to pass to expositions of other basics in
Theosophy then, one might take into account the 7 Principles as
given in S D I 157, and II 598 (human as corresponding to the
Kosmic ones).

So we have, as said in the KEY TO THEOSOPHY (HPB) p. 231:





As thee are the links in the golden chain that makes the
Philosophy of the rational explanation of things complete.

Nothing can be found "outside" of these. There is no "Personal"
or Extra-Kosmic "God." There is no favoritism. "Prayer" and
"petition" are indeed selfish forces, and their action is limited
by our Karma. But the response, if any, is not from a "God" --
especially not from one who is whimsical, petty, revengeful, and

DEITY or "God" is NATURE -- omnipresent, omnipotent, and

No wonder the "Churches" and the "temples," and the hierarchies
of priests of all kinds hate Theosophy -- it allows those who
are bold free thinkers to escape the dogmatic net of ignorance,
fear, belief and faith. It eliminate any "authority" but one's
own perception and conscience. And no one is permitted to
dominate over others. The true ruler is always within. "Look
inward, Thou art Buddha." says the VOICE OF THE SILENCE .

But no one can be a "bold free-thinker" unless they adopt the
principles of impersonality, impartiality and universality in all
they think and discuss. And, most important of all consider
themselves in their innermost SELF to be an IMMORTAL PILGRIM ever
proceeding on the arduous paths of self-development and learning.
There is no such thing as "chance." There is no such thing as a
"gift" which we have not struggled to learn and acquire. There
is no self-progress, unless we try to "give it away." As a
dominant undertone to all we can safely say that "common-sense"
always prevails.

No one "owns the TRUTH." It is free and universal. But one has
to work hard to acquire a knowledge of it. If one desires a
definition of "truth" then we can say that it remains unchanged
and identical, regardless of time, space or person.

We have to start with the fact that we know WE EXIST, then pass
to admitting the UNIVERSE all around us also exists. And 3, that
there is a constant give and take between us (as unitary
perceivers and actors) and the Universe as a plane (or planes)
of action and of reaction; but, above all, it (the Universe, our
Earth) is always a base of impersonal support, interaction and
cooperation. We are therefore never totally isolated, or alone
and selfishness is a mental construct that is incorrect because
we depend in all ways on the generosity and the charity of others
for our living. It is a law that every aspect of nature
sacrifices itself at some time for the continued living of
others. Inn our bodies the "cells" continually immolate
themselves for the preservation of the entire entity -- our body.

NATURE or DEITY supports and nurtures us all. The basic Unit is
the immortal Monad. Every "Atom" is made up of uncountable
monads in cooperative action. It is for us to discover the cause
and the methods of this teeming life of interacting units that
forever assist one another in creating what our minds tell us, is
the "maya (illusion) of material and corporate existence. It is
the Mind, behind and within the "form" that is significant. The
body is only a shell assembled by Nature and Karma to provide the
Mind with a dwelling place.

We, therefore are miniatures, replicas in potency of all the vast
POTENTIALS, POWERS, and FORCES that belong to the Universality of
all DEIFIC NATURE. The SECRET DOCTRINE calls us the microcosms
and the replicas of the MACROCOSMOS.

No wonder that Jesus is reported to saying " I and my Father are
One." Every man woman and child on Earth, or anywhere else can
say the same thing. It is true.

As undying "Gods" veiled in substance and matter we meet and live
with each-other. As "Gods" in essence we incarnate into these
limiting forms for the purpose of assisting them to achieve the
level of SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS that is ours. While, we employed in
this assistance, constantly widen out to the Universal and the
Eternal and verify for ourselves the propositions, the basics and
the fundamentals of THEOSOPHY -- which is no more than a series
of statements of facts in Nature.

We need, from time to time to review such a statement and verify
its logic.

Then partisanship and parochialism fade and vanish. We become
generalists and universalists, and are able to support and
encourage all truly "good" movements for our Earth and mankind as
a whole.

Best wishes,

as always,


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From: adelasie []
Sent: Monday, April 01, 2002 2:45 PM
Subject: Re: Theos-World Re: Is thought real?

I think everything has to do with Theosophy. In this case, you
provided an excellent example of the power of thought. A man got
idea (from where? we don't know, Theosopohy says from the mental
plane, common to all humanity) and wrote a book about it, and
it is, a thought becomes a thing. The thought, the idea form,
materialized ( without magic, just by the process of writing,
publishing, distributing, through the agency of one person and
appropriate backup workers) in a form that can replicate the idea
the minds of many people, those who read the book, and even
like us, who hear about the book, and therefore the idea.

Whether this idea is worth believing or not is another subject
theosophy can illuminate. If one really wants to know, one owes
it to
oneself to investigate all available data. First hand experience
best, but if our investigator wasn't at the site of the event,
didn't see it on the news (if he did see it, then of course he
has to
decide whether to believe what he sees on TV) then he has only
information he can gather, and his own intelligence to help him
figure out what really happened. But theosophy teaches that it is
only useful to "believe" that which one has proven to his own
personal satisfaction. So the theosophist may read the book you
mention, as possibly providing some insight into what may have
happened, but he will not "believe" what he reads until he can be
sure that all the facts add up.

Sometimes, there is a situation in which it is impossible to get
enough information in order to make an intelligent determination,
discover what is really true. In this case, the theosophist
judgement, keeping the idea, whatever it may be, in mind, until
some future time the problem is solved, more "evidence" becomes
available, and he can satisfy himself that he understands.


On 1 Apr 2002 at 18:53, bri_mue wrote:

> Just to show how real thoughts are so that they even make
people reach
> in their pockets to buy this book, look at this. Something that
> might think has noting to do with Theosophy, but it has,
showing how
> people can belief a lot of things even now, not only during the
> of Blavatsky:
> The Frightening Fraud, by Thierry Meyssan, sold out its
original run
> of 20,000 copies within two hours of going on sale. "We've sold
> copies in 10 days, when a blockbuster novel sells maybe 1,500
in a
> month," a spokesman at Fnac Les Halles, one of France's biggest
> bookshops, said. "It's a phenomenon."
> Mr Meyssan's conspiracy theory argues that American Airlines
> 77, which killed 189 people when it smashed into the
headquarters of
> the US defence department, did not exist, and that the whole
> was a dastardly plot dreamed up and implemented by the US
> "This theory suits everyone - there are no Islamic extremists
> everyone is happy" said Le Nouvel Observateur.
> Bri.
> ---In theos-talk@y..., "adelasie" <adelasie@s...> wrote:
> > Brigitte,
> >
> > That is the point, exactly:
> >
> > On 1 Apr 2002 at 2:00, brigitte muehlegger wrote:
> > >
> > > Bri.: Analytically, you can define any amount of
> > > space, there could be a hundred dimensions, in other words,
> > > although such
> a
> > > geometry might exist only in thought and not in the real
> > > But apparently you can't read the mathematics.
> >
> > Thought is the real world, the function of creativity.
Thoughts are
> > things. All comes into manifestation from the realm of mind.
> > material world is the result of activity of the mental
realms, not
> > the other way around.
> >
> > Adelasie
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