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Re: Theos-World the problem with theosophists

Apr 01, 2002 06:52 AM
by adelasie

Yes, I guess that is the problem with Theosophists.

On 1 Apr 2002 at 10:55, bri_mue wrote:

> Yes but here you are pulling something in again that has noting to do
> with the "occult sciences" or Renaissance alchemy or anything like
> that. These are two different things that are not justified to be
> mixed up from neither a mathematical and also not from a physics point
> of view. Just as much as "ether " to clean out wounds is not the same
> as either Einsteins "ether" or the "ether " in alchemy as prima
> materia. I think it is not fair to try and mix all of that into one
> pot, of course that is the problem with Theosophists, they try to do
> that,

They view life as a Unity, and seek to find correspondences whereby 
to understand the phenomena that surround them and pervade their 

Accepting the Unity of all Life, and actiing accordingly, leads to 
awareness of the interdependence of all entities in manifestation, 
and thus to the responsibility of the individual. 

Seeking to separate and isolate concepts or anything else tends 
toward destruction. We can dissect the flower in order to discover 
what makes it smell so sweet, but we will never enjoy the broken 
pieces as much as we could enjoy the original being. 


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