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Re: Theos-World Re: Superstrings Tantra and Blavatsky, and "nuts" ?

Apr 01, 2002 00:40 AM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 03/24/02 11:44:54 AM, writes:

>Well first of all that is your imagination regarding vehemence, 
>personally I take it rather lightly, and reg. the language you use 
>like calling other members on this list "crazy" or nuts as you 
>wrote, I think it is better if you stop projecting yourself onto 
>others as you seem to do , or ar you in fact a "mad" scientist ?

Well, as a matter of fact I am... (Although, not mad at anyone in particular 
in this forum.:-) But, only in the sense that my scientific theories 
marrying metaphysics with physics seem "crazy" to those narrow minded people 
who cannot think for themselves, and need "authoritative" sounding references 
and quotes from so called "experts," while relying on the limited views of 
reductive material science to tell them what to believe or not believe about 
the true nature of reality -- which includes both consciousness and matter 
and all the "coadunate but not consubstantial" fields in between. So, I 
guess we are even. (They're "nuts" and I'm "mad" :-) 

...And, I'll "stop projecting (my)self onto others" (whatever that means:-) 
when you stop projecting on us your hatred of theosophy, and drowning us in 
endless repetitive and non sequitur, selective exoteric mystical historical 
information that proves nothing about your denials of HPB's consistent 
metaphysical teachings -- which are backed up by modern science's 
Superstring/M-brane theory, and my ABC theory... Now considered as a valid 
paradigm by many scientists currently working in the field of consciousness 
studies -- who can't find reasonable answers (using their presently 
"accepted" scientific theories) to the hard questions of how to "explain 
conscious experience" and the "binding of mind to brain" -- (or, which came 
first, the chicken or the egg)? :-) 

Apropos, perhaps you should research the archives of the Journal of 
Consciousness Studies online forum over the past 7 years to see for yourself 
what I am talking about. Maybe, then, you will be a bit more careful when 
voicing your unfounded negative opinions about the scientific validity of my 
ABC theory -- which is consstent with theosophical metaphysics and its 
theoretical conclusions about consciousness, mind and matter, as well as 
reincarnation and karma deduced from its fundamental principles. Also, you 
might read Goswami, Amit. The Self-Aware Universe: how consciousness creates 
the material world. Tarcher/Putnam, New York. 1993 -- to find out the "hard 
time" modern physics is having answering the "hard problems" of 
consciousness. (Goswami teaches quantum physics at the University of Oregon.)


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