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Re: Theos-World A Question for Bill Meredith

Mar 30, 2002 10:07 PM
by Bill Meredith

Daniel Caldwell:
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Subject: Theos-World A Question for Bill Meredith

> Bill, you write:
> "I do mind when you claim to have laid aside your prejudice and
> biases for a neutral scholarly look at something as mundane as
> Olcott's alleged experiences and still use words like Master instead
> of 'master'. . . . Mine was but to point out that you have not laid
> aside your bias as you claim."
> Bill, please point out the source where I have made the above claim.
> I hope I have never been so foolish as to make the above claim that
> you say I did.

Quoting Daniel Caldwell:
"But the real question is: can all of us put aside at least for the
time being those "preferences" and "biases" and try to rationally
discuss and understand Olcott's "alleged" experiences."

Bill Meredith
When I raised the issue of your bias, you dismissed it as a a "side comment"
a discussion of which would produce little. In fact you have indicated that
you will not discuss these side issues, but when you have time you will
address my hypothesis number 6. If you can easily dismiss your overt
display of bias that I pointed out in my first response to you , then you
must think you have already put it aside, otherwise how could you logically
and rationally proceed with the 4 step process? If you have not laid your
bias aside, then you are obligated as a scholar to reveal it at the
beginning of any discovery process -- especially one where you are
attempting to build a consensus opinion.


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