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More copying in the same post

Mar 30, 2002 08:09 PM
by danielhcaldwell

In Brigitte Muehlegger's same post at:

most of the text below is copied from pp. 127-128 of the same book 
written by the same philosopher. I have put in brackets the part of 
the text that Brigitte apparently did write herself. 

For example I am not aware of cases of bilocation in which an 
astral double was observed without clothes.
[Dallas/Dalval in his recent posting about driving out the Devil by 
means of Mesmerism, quoted also Blavatsky as claiming the dead would 
walk around in seances wearing the same clothes as during their life.
In fact already the famous seance stager Cagliostro/Balsamo, already 
had people come on stage claiming to be famous historical personality 
dressed up that way.] 

Also when St. Anthony of Padua is said to have preached in two 
different churches in Limoges at the same time he was said to be 
wearing his usual clerical robes during both sermons. As 
for Mme. Sage, the nineteenth-century French bilocationist, she 
surely shocked her students sufficiently by appearing in two places 
without being naked in either one of her apparitions. Mrs. Wilmot's 
visit to her ailing husband greatly shocked the prudish Mr. Tait, the 
occupant of the upper berth, but he did not assert thus she came in 
the nude. 

On the contrary, all parties agreed that she was wearing her 
nightgown. In some reports of "private" OBEs, in which the traveler's 
astral body is publicly observable, the double was naked, but in 
most of them it did wear garments just like those worn by regular 
bodies. Now, the clothes worn by astral double cannot be ordinary, 
physical clothes; the astral bodies lack the solidity that could 
keep the clothes in place. The only alternative seems to be that they 
are astral clothes, but where are astral clothes manufactured and how 
do they suddenly appear on the scene when a bilocation or a private 
OBE occurs? Incidentally, what did George Ritchie wear when, after 
running out of the hospital, he flew through the air and descended in 
Vicksburg for an aborted meeting with a stranger and during his tour 
in the company of Jesus?

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