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Master Koot Hoomi in the Mayavi Rupa: The Testimony of R. Casava Pillai

Mar 30, 2002 05:15 PM
by Daniel Caldwell

R. Casava Pillai
September 1882
T.S. Headquarters (Bombay, India) and later in Sikkim

That very night while I was going to bed in Col.
Olcott's room, with all doors closed, and in good lamp
light, I was startled to see coming out, as it were,
of the solid wall, the astral form of my most revered
Guru Deva, and I prostrated before him, and he blessed
me and desired me to go and see him beyond the
Himalayas, in good Telugu language. He disappeared in
the same way as he appeared.

In the course of these travels, just about Pari or
Parchong on the northern frontier of Sikkim, I had the
good fortune and happiness to see the blessed feet of
the most venerated Masters Kut Humi and M[orya] in
their physical bodies. The very identical personages
whose astral bodies I had seen in my dreams, &c.,
since 1869, and in 1876 in Madras, and on the 14th
September 1882 in the head-quarters at Bombay.

Quoted from:

[Note: The above extracts have been transcribed from
the original source but material not relevant to the
subject has been silently deleted. The original texts,
however, can be found from the bibliographical
references. Explanatory words added by the editor are
enclosed within brackets.]

Daniel H. Caldwell
"...Contrast alone can enable us to appreciate things at
their right value; and unless a judge compares notes and
hears both sides he can hardly come to a correct decision."
H.P. Blavatsky. The Theosophist, July, 1881, p. 218.

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