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Re: Theos-World Re: What does Bill Meredith think about Olcott's Experiences with the Masters?

Mar 30, 2002 05:17 AM
by Bill Meredith

I offered you the opportunity to look critically at your own experience
instead of losing yourself trying to analyze the historical accounts of a
dead man. The bias and prejudice of your thought processes of which ample
evidence exists in your writings is not a side issue. It is the whole

I urge you to examine your thinking and search for that delicate moment in
the process where one's beliefs become one's truth, and one's truth becomes
the one truth, and the one truth becomes the basis for one's beliefs.

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Subject: Theos-World Re: What does Bill Meredith think about Olcott's
Experiences with the Masters?

> Bill, you wrote:
> "Daniel, I see again that you simply will not address the remainder
> of my post which I resent a second time to you. If you could just
> answer my post by copying it in its entirety and going through
> addressing each section and comment individually, I would be most
> grateful. A big OK after each section would suffice if you agree
> with what I have written I think."
> Bill, I appreciate your latest email that begins with the above
> material but my only comments will be on your hypothesis 6.
> Everything else not directly related to that subject is really off
> the subject of the orginal post that you answered. I don't see that
> much will be gained by trying to answer each and every side comment
> of yours.
> To make some half-way intelligent remarks on your hypothesis 6, I am
> going to have to compare your Hyp. 6 with what Johnson, Muehlegger
> and Stubbs have written on the same subject. This may take some time
> but I will return to the subject when I have sufficient time to think
> about the central issues that you have raised.
> Daniel
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