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RE: [bn-study] Re: TELEPATHY

Mar 29, 2002 05:42 AM
by dalval14

Friday, March 29, 2002

Dear Lady Firla and Friends:

Many thanks for your contribution. This is valuable and

According to what I read in Theosophy on the subject of telepathy
and the faculty of being able to read in the ASTRAL LIGHT the
question of Karma arises in the motive and use by the reader of
such matters. Karma is always a component in everything we do
and is affected by all our feelings, thoughts and deeds. We are
the immortal pilgrims progressing through all levels and types of
life-experiences, and it is only natural that at some stage we
encounter and identify in ourselves these faculties of the
Spirit/Soul which all have latent, and which in a few come forth
with strength.

It is of value and interest to note that THEOSOPHY was
re-promulgated by H P B for the Lodge of the Great Adepts at the
commencement, she says,, of a cycle when psychic faculties and
sensitivity would begin to surface in a great number of persons.
This was predicted over 100 years ago. We now see it all around

H P B had hoped that the in formation that Theosophy had to offer
would become widely available so that this change could be met
with knowledge and understanding -- and the intellectual tools
with which to handle it would be widely known. In the opening
pages of the VOICE OF THE SILENCE three Halls are mentioned. The
2nd is the hall of astral learning. She warns in it we will
"find the blossoms of life, but, under every flower a serpent
coiled." That is an important warning.

As I understand it, the ability to "see" and to "read" may be
acquired under Karma as a faculty derived from study and practice
in past lives which flowers easily, as a talent, in this life.

As such it is either under full control (as in the case of H P B)
or it manifests only when the personality, acting as a "channel"
is quiescent, and in a trance. In such a case there is no active
control over the visions and perceptions. The Individual
consciousness is inactivated, and the person who "sees" does so
under the influence of another entity who lives either on our
physical plane or on the various layers of the "Astral Plane."

Only the sensitive, the seer, the clairvoyant can determine the
exact nature of the talent they possess. Also, every person, and
the seer included, is always subject to the law of choosing -- of
being responsible for the quality and use of feelings, thoughts
and acts that they do.

All of us, as Free Minds, are continually building our
progressive advance into the boundless ocean of knowledge and
experience that our world, our living, and the Universe open
before us. As immortals we always move forward, and with us
moves Karma. This Karma, in one aspect or another, inevitably
binds us to each other and to our Earth -- we are never totally
alone. It is for this reason that we, as immortals, are a vast
brotherhood, and as such are developing these faculties together.

Separately I post an important and detailed article by H P B
titled ELEMENTALS -- this gives further details on this important

Or it may be acquired by efforts made to learn and to apply one's
psychic faculties and the control over them by the innate
SPIRITUAL SOUL (ATMA-BUDDHI-MANAS) in this life. This implies
discipleship and study under an Adept. In such a case the
prerequisite is that the disciple should entirely master his
psychic nature and make of his motive one that will be used only
for the good of humanity and never for him or herself alone.

The nature and the character of the disciple is then to be
considered as most important.

Best wishes,



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From: Lady Firla []
Sent: Thursday, March 28, 2002 8:45 AM
Subject: [bn-study] Re: TELEPATHY

Hello everyone!!

I have not often written my thoughts or opinions in this arena -
there is so
much wisdom from everyone within these exchanges that I rarely
feel that I
could offer anything that would be of use to anyone!!! :))) But
this time
I do have one thought to offer, and that is in regards to the
reading of the
Akashic Records.

>From the reading that I've done, the Akashic Records (AKA: the
library of
souls, the other side of the veil, Carl Jung's Collective
Consciousness, the
Christian source of Judgement Day, the "afterlife", the scroll of
the High
Priestess in the Tarot cards, etc., etc. - the concept of what is
referred to as Akasha is contained in MANY philosophies &/or
religions in
one way or another...), are simply an open book to any
inhabitants of the
astral plane. It is as simple (or as complicated) as that.

When "reading" the records, there is no connotation as to good or
or white, as the concept of privacy is completely human. Karmic
&/or debts are an open book so to speak - there is no hiding
them, or
granting of permission for access to them - they are there to be
seen by all
in the astral plane. Permission is of no relevance - the act of
becoming an
Adept and gaining the skill/ability to "pass through the veil" to
read the
records is the only entitlement needed. It is what the spiritual
adept DOES
with what is read - how that info is brought to play in the human
arena -
THAT is where black &/or white are revealed.

Thank you all for enduring my thoughts!! Have a great day!

Debbie :)


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