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Re: Theos-World Population increase and Theosophical reincarnation.

Mar 28, 2002 05:46 PM
by Mic Forster

"Has anybody ever witnessed such creations and
attachments? If not, 
what would it be like to witness them? Further, do
these minds come 
into being without a cause or are they created by some
telligent being? If so, by whom? I know what is meant
by saying that
a painter or a composer created a certain work of art
or that a chef 
created a new dish, but I have no idea what is meant
by creating a 
mind. Equally, I understand what is meant by saying
that a label has 
been attached to a suitcase or that an artificial leg
has been
attached to a person who has lost his leg in an
accident, but I draw a 
blank when told that a mind has been attached to a
body. Unless the
questions I have raised here are satisfactorily
answered we do not 
a coherent theory but mere verbiage, accompanied by
certain very 
vague pictures. The attachment portion of this
"theory" is 
objectionable. How is a purely nonphysical entity
attached to a human 

By bandaids, by scotch tape, or glue, or perhaps by
means of a rope?"

This sounds like Descartes grappling with mind/body
dualism. Could this be incorporated into your little thesis?

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