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Re: Theos-World Humour?

Mar 26, 2002 04:20 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 03/26/02 5:55:28 PM, writes:

> It is true. As we go through life thinking heavy thoughts,
>thought particles tend to get caught between the ears,
>causing a condition called truth decay. So be sure to use
>mental floss twice a day. And when you're tempted to practice
>tantrum yoga, remember what we teach in Swami's Absurdiveness
>Training class: *Don't get even, get odd.*

But, if you do -- also remember to put on your A[b]C-DC[b] guru cap -- to 
protect your brain from being befoo[dd]led by too much meditripitation. (??? 
- ouch <{:-()<
... And, for those who go too deep, *if you can't be dude, be dareful.*

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