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re: Theos-World Dalas’s “Solar Body.” P.2

Mar 24, 2002 03:38 AM
by Mauri


Theos-World Dalas’s “Solar Body.” P.2
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2002 15:47:46 -0000
From: "bri_mue" <

Gerald wrote, at some point, I think (according to 
Brigitte, I think):

<<This sevenfold division is very arbitrary and is 
NOT the way things are experienced. It is purely a 
Theosophical methodology and if we can all accept 
that, we will be better off. There is nothing wrong 
with having our own divisions of 7, and such a 
division works well for me, but we need to recognize 
and accept that it is arbitrary and NOT some kind of 
law of nature.>>>

Okay, make mine seven and a half! 

Actualy, I "suspect" that, while there may be 
interpretive/arbitrary sevens out there, possibly (?)
that number might have something to do with (and of 
course this is just so much speculation, on my part!)
to do with some sort of consensus of opinion between 
HPB and the Masters and those that they may have 
looked up to . . . maybe. So if the Masters, in turn, 
looked up to even "higher" sources of info, and those 
higher sources looked up to even higher sources, etc., 
what would all that tend to imply? Or, is it that 
Gerald and Brigitte might be inclined to view such as 
Masters/HPB and some of their numbers, and 
whatever, as exoteric "versions" (in a sense, 
"exoterically" speaking, complete with "esoteric 
overtones"?) of "reality" . . . ?


PS Or maybe I got the names mixed up? Maybe only Jerry subscribes to
Theos-Talk, and maybe Gerald doesn't? Huh? I checked and couldn't
find any recent posts from Gerald on Theo-Talk, but then I subscribed to
Theos-Talk just recently myself . . .

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