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FW: RE: [bn-study] RE: "CYCLES OF PSYCHISM" (10-part series)

Mar 22, 2002 05:19 PM
by dalval14

Friday, March 22, 2002

Dear Christina:

It is always valuable to show people at large that there is
something in each of us that survives death.

The study of NDE or reports on "Near Death Experiences" also help
from another point of view.

One is emotional (love and hope) and the other is factual and
appeals to the logic that ought to provide us with the certainty
that Reincarnation always operating under the laws of progressive
Karma, drives every human being forward from life to life until
hey realize that the virtues and the moral life, and love and
treating every one as a brother is the only valuable attitude to
use and adopt.,

This leads to considering the reason for humanity at all.

And that is very important: Why am I here? What is the purpose
of existence? Why is there an "Earth?" Why is there a Universe
at all? Just to accept our existence without inquiry is inertia.
Our Minds make us search and hope and love drives us all to

Theosophy also advocates considering that "death" of the body is
like our nightly "sleep." The body is nightly abandoned by the
Soul -- which works elsewhere on other planes of existence. But
a "thread" is maintained between it and the sleeping body and
when this is tweaked, the body can be reawakened. We fear death
because we cannot cause the Soul to return to it. For some
reason that body is no longer viable.

But if we take the position that the Soul is part of the
SOUL which fills the entire Universe, then IT DOES NOT DIE -- it
too goes to "sleep" for a long period, and the Law of Karma
awakens all those whoa are friends, loved and are consubstantial
to "reawaken" in new bodies together -- even if to us who
continue to use the same physical body the "wait period" is very
long -- said to be on the average between 10 and 15 centuries.

Have a look at the OCEAN OF THEOSOPHY available through
BLAVATSKY.NET and you will see in the chapters on REINCARNATION
the whole process explained.

I am not familiar with the life and work of John Edwards.

All of us have psychical contact with the "ethereal." Theosophy
explains why. Each one of us has as a part of our make-up the
psychical element which in its terminology are called the Astral
Body" or the electro-magnetic lattice work on which physical
molecules and cells find their places to make up the physical
body, and, the Psychic nature, called KAMA, which is made up of
our hopes, likes, desires, passions, dislikes, etc --- all
emotional. But, above these is the REAL PERSON -- the MIND, and
above the mind is the SPIRITUAL RAY named the ATMA, and, this
ATMA is ONE WITH THE UNIVERSAL SPIRIT -- this is what makes each
human an immortal.

Immortal humans (in their mind and spiritual nature) make
brotherhood and love a common bond --a necessity as your
intuition tells you.

Best wishes,


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Just a question for the list about mediums: What should we make
of John Edward?

He I obviously a medium [or a brilliant fake]-regardless of what
he is, the "message from beyond" he gives the people is generally
from a perspective which is benevolent in nature. [he always
tells them that the loved ones just want to prove that there is
indeed an afterlife and that they are loved, and they are okay,
as will you be when it is your time to move on].

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