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Re: Theos-World The Theosophical septenary cosmos and the "astral". P. 1.

Mar 22, 2002 02:52 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 03/21/02 3:20:31 PM, writes:

>--- wrote:

>> Unfortunately, for 
>> those followers of the established scientific
>> dogmas, the new mathematics, 
>> such as that used by Superstring theorists, is
>> beginning to punch big holes 
>> in those beliefs
>You have mentioned this "superstring" stuff several
>times and said on one occasion that only "pariahs"
>believe in it. Where does this come from? Do you
>remember the source?

I don't think I said "only 'Pariahs' believe in it." But, superstring theory 
does twist into a new paradigm much of materialistically oriented reductive 
science, and many such scientists are not willing to accept its implications 
that sub physical spaces exist in invisible dimensions containing energy 
fields that could interact with and influence the physical energy fields and 
their associated matter -- that they think is the only reality. Thus, they 
stand in the same position as classical physicists when Einstein shook up 
their applecarts with his new paradigm of relativity theory -- that they 
continued to deny for mnay years after it was introduced.

The best reference I found to understanding the nature of superstring theory, 
both basically in lay terms and technically in mathematical terms, is at:


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