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Mar 21, 2002 06:23 AM
by Mauri

Hey Eldon, when a drowing man struggles in the 
water, doing whatever he can to save himself, is he 
going to be worried about whether his swimming 
style is "OK," or not?

In a sense, I see myself as that kind of drowning man:
for me, "meaning," as I see it, takes precedence, and 
the other "niceties" will just have to go in line and 
wait for their turn. I don't really ignore those poor 
niceties, conventions, fashions, considerations at the 
back of the line-up, but I don't let them bully their 
way to the front of the line either. Of course if I ever learn to swim
better, well . . . But, in the meanwhile, I trash around as meaningfully
as I can! What can I say? Sorry about the trashing! 


PS What're you trying to say, there, Eldon? That 
you're not a drowing man, yourself?

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