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RE: [bn-study] Re: New Topics

Mar 20, 2002 05:19 PM
by dalval14

Dear Larry:

Isn't it only the "personality" that reacts to "cultural shock?"

Those who in this life have not had the opportunity, as do those
in the Peace Corps, to live and work with those who are
physically depressed as in the "third world countries," have no
idea of the differences on our Earth at this section of time in
countries in Asia, Africa Central and South America. Yet those
souls incarnated there are the majority.

We in America and Europe live on the crest of the present wave of
physical ease. Of course there are few who will voluntarily
abandon that as did Schweitzer, or Sister Theresa, or Father
Damien, this ease we so cherish, and learn how to live in the
needy and poverty stricken areas, where our vaunted modern
civilization could do so much good if we were not so
self-centered and possessive of our comforts and facilities.

Here in Southern California the Mexican border is nearby, and
crossing it brings us into close contact, almost immediately,
with the needs and wants of those who are forced to live at
subsistence levels within the view of our lavish "plenty."

The Buddha is right: Do no charity through the hands of another.
Do it directly. Go there and see and act.

Best wishes,


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From: Larry F Kolts []
Sent: Wednesday, March 20, 2002 12:02 PM
Subject: [bn-study] Re: New Topics

Yes, this may be why the images have been changing over the
depending on cultural influences. Similar to what happens in
which is also chock full of symbols, which our higher self
while we sleep but when we awaken we get only
garbled images.


On Wed, 20 Mar 2002 12:06:31 -0500 "John" <>
> We tend to 'see' things with symbols that our brains present to
> to represent the 'closest similar' object of experience.
> Sometimes, this will be a representation from a memory of a
> 'folk tale' or 'fairy tale' heard as a human child.
> Sometimes the symbol, will be drawn from the 'popular'
press, or
> other media.
> The symbols then represent the reality for us, through
> trans-position, in the physical brain.
> This helps those who haven't developed their senses to the
> beyond the physical to have common ground for understanding
> phenomenon.
> John...

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