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RE: [bn-study] Re: Consolidation of lists

Mar 20, 2002 01:15 PM
by dalval14

Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Dear Friends:


As far as I have been able to determine, fear comes only from
"not knowing" or, IGNORANCE.

But then that selection of subjects for study to make us "wise"
has to start wit the fact that it is WE who know we are
"ignorant" in certain areas.

We know we are not totally ignorant in everything. There is that
aspect of the WE that is dual, so to say, and which looks at the
other half of ourselves, and says: "You have a lot to learn."

Its counsel then is to take inventory.

It is clear that one aspect of the WE inside us is much wiser and
more stable than the other -- the one who is involved in world
and life's activities.

The memories we have are also dual and can be divided into two

1.	Essentials and basic that are common to all who know how to
think and reason.

2.	Personal memories of our earlier experiences and doings
useful, useless, pleasant or painful, which color the "WE" and
give it our "personal touch."

But let us get back to what we can do:

What do we know? Let's reduce the "unknowns" to a reasonable
list. { I always use a sheet of paper and draw a line down the
center and make entries on either side which either balance what
is known and what is unknown, or, all those that confuse and
about which I want to learn more. }

Once we have such a list we ask ourselves which is the most
important ? And so we can create a third list of priorities. If
this sounds terribly "organized" it has at least the virtue of
keeping our worries focused on the things we need to know

Selecting that we which needs immediate attention, we may further
ask: Where can I obtain the benefit of others' investigation and
study of that ?

Shall we ask of to the "wise?" Have they left records we can

If we lack the necessary vocabulary to grasp their meaning, have
we the patience and the persistence to use the Dictionary and the
Encyclopedia and thus extend our understanding ?

Should we waste their time when there are preliminary steps we
can take to "wisen up" by our own efforts?

There are questions we can ask each other, everyone knows a
little more or a little less than ourselves. So it is to our
advantage to ask for help and experience of those who might be
willing to share and help.

Can we refer to books and look up references ?

Can accumulate information that might help?

Are we look for a system or for a definition of laws and
procedures that others have found useful?

And, when found, how are we going to make sure the information is
true and accurate and generally applicable?

Of course these are only a few basic concepts and procedures and
each one of us will develop their own depending on how serious
and how important the securing of information that is reliable is
to them.

Best wishes,


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<< One of the subjects that have occupied my mind in recent
months is
fear. I know that fear paralyzes the finer attributes. Fear is
basis of many negative actions and attitudes. And yet, I wonder
the occultist knows that can help him conquer fear? It is one
to talk about being unafraid, and another to admit to oneself
fear does find an entree into one's life, whether one desires it
not. In the USA, many people have been experiencing the fear of
violence such as they have not been accustomed to before. How
theosophy teach us to deal with fear in a way that we can become
stronger and more balanced individuals, more conscious of our
feelings and able to control them? >>

Yes, Adelasie, fear is indeed a topic to be reckoned with. No one
escapes its
clutches. But fear of what?? Actually, as I view it, there is
only ONE true
fear which comes with many names. THE FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN!
Theosophy assists
seekers by offering viable alternatives and possibilities. It
shows the ways
that others have found, lead to states of higher consciousness
where the
unknown becomes KNOWN, thus eliminating previous fears. It offers
insights on observations of cyclicality and periodicity. It
enlightening commentary on transitions and transformations. In
it's entirety,
the ancient wisdom, as embodied by theosophical studies, offer
the student an
extraordinary experience of hope and enlightened choice. For
those who read
with intuition engaged, answers to doubts and fears about the
unknown, can be
glimpsed and at least somewhat mitigated if not, entirely


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