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RE: Re to Dallas part 2

Mar 20, 2002 05:24 AM
by dalval14

Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Dear Jerry:

Let me try and answer your comments on the basis of my
understanding of Theosophical doctrines:

As I understand it, Theosophy is the root source of all the
various religions and philosophies that are available to us. It
is claimed by the Adepts, our elder Brothers that its tenets and
plans and laws co-existed with the beginning of present
manifestation, and in fact extend far back into the night of
time, as our present Earth and Universe is but the reincarnation
of earlier ones, all following the same pattern and objective:
the development of the independent Intelligence we call HUMANITY
in its units.

Hence it is able to grasp the complexities and views of any one
of those systems so far developed from its basis, and refer it to
the primeval patterns from which those have emerged.

This may not appeal to many, as their present embodied minds have
adopted one system and hold their views using that terminology
and processes as the only basis which they refer to and have
confidence in. Obviously there are going to be semantic and
logical differences, as one is, so to say, the "Mother," and the
other is the "Daughter."

So, as I view the teachings that Theosophy advances, I seem to

We either accept and use the concept that we are at our CORE an
IMMORTAL BEING (obviously a force, a power, and a non-physical
"something") or, we are not.

And therefore, our of view, based on this life time, and its
experiences as its memory, is, as the sole one we will ever
experience. That is what I mean. So you see, to me, Theosophy
envisages a continuity of many such life-time experiences under
different times and language conditions, but with the same
universal and impersonal ideas at the study core of experience --
which is uniform in curriculum for all.

If Karma and Reincarnation are accepted as working hypotheses to
investigate our presence and potential future, then the view of
the "one-life-time-only" vanishes, and is merged in the ongoing
series of experiences that link our "past" incarnations with the
"present one," and then, on into the future we are creating for
ourselves through our momentary choices.

The evidence for this (I would say) lies in our individual
character and our talents, or lack of them. We are always an
"individual." and we have freedom within certain limits
,established by the continual interplay between our free choices
and the environment we live in, which has been largely shaped by
our past lives and the Karma thereof.

Let me put it this way:

Our World ( Earth) is like a School.

On it gyrate, and appear time after time, groups of pupils who
use its class rooms (areas where they incarnate) in a cyclic and
regular manner by means of Reincarnation as a process, under the
Law of Karma as a basis for fair, strict, and impersonal
cooperative work and inter-disciplinary order.

The purpose of this School ( Earth) is to afford to every single
one of the immortal pupils that use it, with ever variety of
experience. As ancient Patanjali put it: "For the sake of the
Soul the Universe exists."

Such education starts with the least experienced, and culminates
in those who are able to embody mentally the entire universe as a
working WHOLE. In effect they are said, mystically, to "return"
to the ONE SOURCE, plus all the experience gained. Their future
is then a self-determined choice as to whether they selfishly
enter a Nirvana for a very long time, or renounce it, and remain
to assist in the education of all the many beings who are
pursuing the course they have just graduated from. These last
are the Buddhas, the Dhyanis, the "Devas," the Bodhisattvas, the
Nirmanakayas, the Mahatmas and the Adepts,. no matter what
designations we may ascribe to them, or what apparent functions
they fill. A reading of The SECRET DOCTRINE in vol. I pp 570 to
575 gives an idea of the various hierarchies that accept and make
themselves responsible as the SERVANTS of Nature and of Man for
is give the list and series of progression of the basic "Ah-Hi"
up to the Manasaputras ( we as mind-men of our present).

The Earth as a school also provides residence and a place for
experience for a whole spectrum of intelligent and immortal
entities. We can start with the concept of the "atom" (The
SECRET DOCTRINE uses the curious word: the "Ah-hi" -- as a
basic, immortal (representing a MONAD) also a spectrum of
intelligent and immortal entities. We can start with the concept
of viewing our Earth as a sphere of activities in various planes
of activity but each interpenetrates and cooperates with all the
rest. The SECRET DOCTRINE Vol. I p. 200 contains a diagram that
illustrates this concept.

As to the problems with the classification of "principles" -- if
you study the Theosophical explanations, then you will discover
that they identify faculties (however named elsewhere and in
other systems) that are basic to our psychological make-up. This
is of course inclusive of the concept of Immortals educating
themselves in the context of the Universe, as we now live in it.
[ S D I 157, II 596 gives the tables and explains the

So if we throw out:


2. Law as an impartial and universal life- force that adjusts
all choices into a harmonious whole, and

3. Reincarnation as a universal process of transforming the
quality of intelligence and consciousness of an embodied, Living,
Spiritual-Soul -- that in its diversity -- as universally
diffused and fragmented, is that omnipresence and omnipotence
that animates every being as it journeys through various states
and forms of matter,

what is left ? To me it seems to be a desert of thought marked
by occasional oases and many sand dunes and bare mountains.

As far as I can see theosophy is the only system that explains
and makes sense of the vast diversity we live in.

Brest wishes,


-----Original Message-----
From: Gerald Schueler
Sent: Tuesday, March 19, 2002 10:18 AM
Subject: Re to Dallas part 2

<<<The concept of brotherhood shatters any idea of special
achievements, since those will be available to all. This frames
a base of ethics and morality which only immortals share. It
likewise indicates that intelligence is always developing and is
not the ephemera of a single life-time -- leaving very little
trace of its passage after the present body dies.>>

Dallas, I cannot comment much on the above as I have no idea what
it is that you are trying to say. You seem to be saying that only
"immortals" (which is a relative term and one that is getting you
and our fellow Theosophists into troubled waters, my good friend)
can practice ethics and morality. I wonder where you got this

<<<As I look at current postings I also witness prejudice: Is
the Astral realm, plane and body to be laughed at, or is the
information to be researched tested and used? To start with
doubt and skepticism and without testing is no basis for
discussion. But that is another story.>>>

Dear friend, whether you chose to laugh or cry, it is all maya at
the end of the day.

Out of curiosity, how do you propose to research and "use" your
astral body, Dallas, when you are afraid to practice magic or do
astral traveling? I have researched and practiced on my astral
body for years and I still say it is all maya.

My skepticism has to do with continual Theosophical reifications
and naive interpretations of the core teachings, which I hope you
don't take personally as I don't intend it that way. I am simply
trying to show that deeper interpretations are possible. For
example, atma seems very real and eternal relative to the ego,
but relative to the Monad it is just as fleeting and mayavic as
the ego seems relative to atma. Existence is all appearances and
observations, Dallas. Reality is relative, and yes, even
absolutes are relative.

Jerry S.

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