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Damodar Mavalankar wrote about one of the ashrams of the Masters

Mar 19, 2002 06:23 AM
by Daniel Caldwell

"[Later at] Jammu I had the good fortune of being sent
for, and permitted to visit a sacred ashram where I
remained for a few days in the blessed company of
several of the much doubted Mahatmas of Himavat and
their disciples. There I met not only my beloved
Gurudeva [Koot Hoomi] and Col. Olcott’s Master
[Morya], but several others of the Fraternity,
including one of the highest. Thus, I saw my beloved
Guru not only as a living man, but actually as a young
one in comparison with some other Sadhus of the
blessed company, only far kinder, and not above a
merry remark and conversation at times."

"Thus on the second day of my arrival, after the meal
hour I was permitted to hold an intercourse for over
an hour with my Master. Asked by Him smilingly, what
it was that made me look at him so perplexedly, I
asked in my turn: "How is it, Master, that some of the

members of our Society have taken into their heads a
notion that you were ‘an elderly man,’ and that they
have even seen you clairvoyantly looking an old man
passed sixty?" To which he pleasantly smiled and said
that this latest misconception was due to the reports
of a certain pupil of a Vedantic Swami. As to his
being perceived clairvoyantly as an "elderly man,"
that could never be, he added, as real clairvoyance
could lead no one into such mistaken notions; and then
he kindly reprimanded me for giving any importance 
to the age of a Guru, adding that appearances were
often false, etc., and explaining other points."

Quoted from:

Daniel H. Caldwell
"...Contrast alone can enable us to appreciate things
at their right value; and unless a judge compares
notes and hears both sides he can hardly come to a
correct decision."
H.P. Blavatsky. The Theosophist, July, 1881, p. 218.

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