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re: learning, sorting . . .

Mar 18, 2002 05:06 AM
by Mauri


Theos-World Re: Theosophical septenary 
cosmos and the "astral".
Sun, 17 Mar 2002 14:52:31 -0000
"bri_mue" <>

wrote, in part:

<<Some attempted to speculate on the affinities 
between physics and mysticism or a variety of 
Platonic, Pythagorean or Oriental philosophies in a 
neo-theosophical vision at times reminiscent of the 
Romantic sciences of the early nineteenth century.>>

I don't know just what Mark Twain might've had in
mind when he wrote, (if I remember right):

<<I am a great and sublime fool, but then I am God's 
fool, and all his works must be contemplated with

I see that as possibly meaning, in a sense (among other things): that
the kind of "reality/truth" that "makes sense" (in a "working sense")
for the kind of creatures that we humans are is one that makes it
possible for us to deal 
with various kinds of possibilities, so that our 
"reality" might have "more substance," "more 
reality," "more meaning," "more depth," and "esoteric 

And so whatever might offer interpretive 
possibilities (whether one might prefer to call it 
Religion, Science, Astrology, Theosophy, Teal Leaf Reading, etc., etc.)
represents for each of us a form of vital "working sense" (a vital,
interpretive environment) without 
which we might not have our "human" sense of 
"possible transcending" (ie, our sense of being 
possibly able to transcend anything dualistic in 
"meaningful terms") even while still in our dualistic 

Of course there may be those who may feel that a 
particular person/s goes "too far," say, or too often 
brakes "basic rules," say . . . or whatever. And I 
have certainly been guilty of that kind of thing a 
number of times, on both sides. And of course those 
of us who "know more, or better," may wish to 
intercede. But surely such thoughts (whether 
editorial or interpretive/creative) are also expressive 
of "karmic sorting" (to use a short form): Which kind 
of sorting would seem to suggest to me that the 
sorting ITSELF, in our intermediate, karmic, dualistic 
phase of life, takes precedence: And so we sort, 
assess, critique, make errors, do the right thing, help, 
philosophize, scientize, speculate, etc., etc., in order 
to learn/sort. And we either see the human learning 
process as having possible, usable, meaningful 
transcendant /esoteric aspects, or . . . we go on 
learning . . .


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