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dealing with "trollers" somewhat more sensibly?

Mar 17, 2002 08:50 AM
by Mauri

Some thoughts about some forms of "trolling" (as per Bart's use 
of the word, aparently, re Brigitte) in my speculative/interpretive 
"helpful terms":

Another way to look at various kinds of "trolling," (in a sense, 
as found/interpreted on these lists re Theosophy) might be by 
way of "personal relationships," eg:

As I see it, there are various forms of helpful compromises in many 
personal relationships. And occasionally, if the relationship is seen 
as basically "sound enough," say, there might be compromises and 
"understandings" that "CAN" be seen as helpful/positive learning 
experiences in the short/long run.

In the case of what's seen/interpreted as "Theosophy," if the various
kinds of interpretive "trolling" could be similarly seen as no more
than opportunities for independent ways of editing/evaluating the 
overall message of the interpretive "troller," or whoever, then surely
doesn't particularly matter (beyond a certain "more relevant" point?) 
how "far off" a particular interpreter or message writer is, in terms 
of one's own assessment: since what "really matters," comparatively
speaking, (especially for a "Theosophist," I suspect), is how "well" 
or how "applicably" or how "empathetically" or how "Theosophically" 
or how "constructively" one can integrate one's interpretive environment 
(with its perceived warts and all) into one's "own" sense of s/Self 
relevance in the "broadest" (or "wisest") terms one is capable of:

In "broader terms," surely "trollers" (and most everybody else?) could
interpreted or reinterpreted or ignored or edited fairly calmly and
in keeping with where one is at in terms of "known," "not known," states 
of mind/karma, whatever, as opposed to getting emotionally razzled
various apparent/interpetive "inconsistencies," "non sequiturs,"

For example, based on some of Leon's previous posts to me, it would seem
that he considers some or many of my posts to be a form of trolling,
instead of getting worked up about them over and over again, he seems to
lateley keeping nice and quiet about my posts, for the most part
Things could be worse, I suppose, outwardly, with Leon; and as for
in his case . . . I can only speculate. Not that I don't like Leon's
in turn. I generally tend to see his posts as being rather special. 
But then, considering that I TEND to see some special things in some of
Brigitte's posts, 
as well . . . what can I say . . . 


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