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Re: Theos-World Chat?

Mar 13, 2002 11:52 AM
by adelasie

Hi Terrie,

It is a very useful process to consider what we would feel like if 
"that" happened to us. You do this effectively here. Indeed, any 
human being might feel that there is no analysis known to mankind at 
this time that could completely explain him or his life. 

I heard an interview on the radio the other day with Dr. Bernard 
Laum, a well-known and successful cardiologist, 85 years old, who 
talked about the importance in his practice of getting to really know 
his patients. He said that the doctor is a technician, who can 
understand and treat the body as an organism, but that only the 
person really knows himself in ways that the doctor never could, and 
that really effective treatment depends upon teamwork betweent the 
doctor and the patient. He also talked about the importance of 
positive thought and speech, and gave some examples of healing being 
encouraged or retarded by words said by doctors. 

It seems like we still have not discovered everything there is to 
know, and it is for this reason that the mystery beckons to us, and 
why the study of occultism (that which is hidden from view) is so 
attractive to many. But I suspect that humanity still has a long time 
to wonder about many things, before the day when all will be 

Personally I enjoy living on the fringes of mystery. It is where art 
dwells, and when I find myself painting in that edge world, is when I 
am doing something I want to keep. 

Joy to you,

On 13 Mar 2002 at 9:20, Terrie Halprin wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm sorry to be adding my 0.02 cents but as I watch
> this debate take place it truly feels like I'm
> exploring "survival of the fitest" theory in
> motion/activity as and within the means of its
> conveyence. So, I end up wondering what that means or
> if that is truly a most desirable process for
> understanding (or, proofing) these kinds of concepts. 
> It's interesting "mode" to insert.
> I think to myself, ...."but, I still do not think/feel
> that science and spirit study should truly oppose each
> other".
> Further, I believe there is great interest/utility in
> understanding the "machine" and/as also the "mechinism
> of life".
> I know that I would not prefer to see myself studied,
> examined nor classified strickly (and, only) by my
> mechanics alone -cuz- well, yeah, that's just how
> Llife is/thinks/feels/reacts (connects) and I for 1
> intend to extend that courtesy (and, yeah, that's like
> a privilage). 
> So/also, I think theories as such reincarnation,
> karma, masters, "materializations" and/or "toe" are
> subjects in and of themselves and aside from whatever
> intersting "informations gathered/not gathered
> (understood/not understood) and proved/not proved by
> mankind's history/researches/"discoveries" thus far. 
> It's all very interesting I think - it's like
> "complexual" .)
> Have a BEAUTIFUL day,
> Terrie
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