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Re to Brigitte

Mar 13, 2002 07:43 AM
by Gerald Schueler

<<<The Gupta vidya model can indeed be utelised in meditiative practices when it is understood as a means, and the visualisation not an end in itself.>>>

Yes, and that is why I have insisted on calling it a model. 

<<<It seems healthy people who are open to mystical experiences and have them in supportive situations enjoy lasting, positive aftereffects.>>>>

Yes, providing that they can relate these experiences into their worldview. If not, mental unbalances occur.

<<<But mystical experience and also not schizophrenia have been comprehensively explained.>>>

Mystical experiences are a transcendence of normal human brain-mind activity. Schizphrenia is a failure to keep the planes separated, and confounding the physical with the astral and mental.

<<<Buddhist meditiation on emptines and the self questioning of Zen or what Tibetan Buddhists practice (discussions) with each other, is something different again ?>>>

These lead to the realization of no-self, that just as external objects are maya, so is the internal self.

Jerry S.


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