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Re: Theos-World Scientific tests or/and tests from agknowledged parapsychologists links.

Mar 12, 2002 09:45 PM
by leonmaurer

"Chakra field centers" are zero (laya) points where phase differentiated 
coenergetic fields originate, and intersect with each other in the manner 
shown in the symbolic (spherical cross section) universal involutionary field 
diagrams at (or linked to):

Since this process of chakra-field involution continues logically in a 
harmonic series of involutions starting from zero (pralaya), through 
manvantara, and return to pralaya -- the Chakra Centers on the primal 
Universal level repeat themselves (as the universe descends from the 
spiritual to the physical material level) in each subsequent descending 
harmonic series of fields -- from the macrocosm (Universe) to the microcosm 
(Mankind) -- and below. 

Therefore, looking from the lower material level upward, the chakras centers 
within the body are analogous with and correspond to those on the higher 
planes that extend, also analogous to each other (as in music scales) in 
"triple" "octaval", "decimal" and "duodecimal" steps --from human (and other 
sentient beings), to the planet, sun, solar system, galactic system, galactic 
cluster system, to the Universal system and -- beyond. 

Thus the "life" containing etheric (consciousness) chakra fields that 
correspond to spiritual, will, mind and emotional energies, etc. -- of which 
there are seven within the body, linked to seven above the body (and seven 
below) -- are as real as the body itself with its hierarchy of material forms 
and particles, each with their own materialized quantum level-chakra fields 
that correspond to mass-energy. Note that, in the body, the chakra points 
and their surrounding chakra fields correspond to the major neural plexus or 
nodal points of the human nervous system mapped at octaval intervals along 
the vertical median center line of the human torso, neck and head. There are 
seven centers from the Kundalini chakra to the Brahma chakra and eight 
primary fields within the overall auric field surrounding the entire body -- 
with each center located at a particular neural plexus from the groin to the 
top of the head.

All that science can do is prove that the human nervous system is real, and 
has such nodal plexus in the appropriate locations corresponding to the 
spherical, electromagnetic fields at various frequency and energy levels that 
radiate therefrom. As for their understanding of how the corresponding 
magnetic energies work (that are the "life" and "consciousness" forces of the 
body, its organs and cells) -- they haven't the faintest idea. (For those 
understandings, you will have to talk to Chinese chi gong, tai chi, and 
acupucture/accupressure experts.) So, for proof of the chakras, in the 
theosophical sense of being the center sources of the "life," spiritual or 
consciousness energies distributed on seven levels throughout the body, I 
think those neurological facts speak for themselves -- and are all the proofs 
you can get from materially oriented western science... Unless you accept the 
multidimensional zero-point field theories of the Superstring/M-brane 
theorists -- which, at least, proves that such "coadunate but non 
consubstantial fields must exist in the ubiquitous vacuum space that is 
everywhere between the quantum particles.)


In a message dated 02/24/02 5:11:23 AM, writes:

>Pls present us with your links showing the various Scientific tests 
>or/and recognised tests from agknowledged parapsychologists that 
>prove the chakras are real. 
>And how many chakras the tests came up with, the 7 , or 12 chakra 
>system (with additional chakras above the head) ?

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