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Re: Theos-World Re: To Larry, Sanat's book.

Mar 11, 2002 12:50 PM
by ramadoss

My 0.02 interspersed below.


At 07:18 AM 3/11/02 -0500, Larry F Kolts wrote:
Hi Brigitte,

I am the first to admit that many of you have a much greater
understanding of theosophical history than I do.

I am also aware that Sanat's works are mot well recieved in all quarters.
There is a real disparity between TS people and K's devotees, and it
seems many do not want to see that gap closed.
MKR: Your perceptive observation is on target. However, there is a good segment of those who are exposed to both theosophy and K's writings/speeches who do not see any conflict whatsoever.

HPB indicated that the long term objective of theosophy was to fundamentally change human beings for betterment of human conditions. K, also in his talks talked about the fundamental change in the human beings.

In the above context, it does not matter whether one believes about the Masters one way or the other.

My only purpose in posting what I did was to show that K did not
absolutely reject Masters per se.
MKR: Many who have followed K's writings and speeches would concur with you.

You comments on "the process" or Kundalini are well taken. I will let
other pick up the torch on this one if they so desire. as once again, I
am out of my league.


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