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Re: Theos-World Dallas's "LAWS", THE universal law .

Mar 11, 2002 00:46 AM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 03/10/02 3:01:44 PM, writes:

>The Monad emerges from its state of spiritual and intellectual uncon-
>sciousness; and [ ... ] gets directly into the plane of Mentality. 
>But there is no place in the whole universe with a wider margin, or a 
>wider field of action in its almost endless gradations of perceptive 
>and apper-ceptive qualities, than this plane, which has in its turn an
>appropri-ate smaller plane for every "form", from the "mineral" monad 
>up to the time when that monad blossoms forth by evolution into the 
>DIVINE moNAD. But all the time it is still one and the same Monad, 
>differing only in its incarnations, throughout its ever succeeding 
>cycles of par-tial or total obscuration of spirit, or the partial or 
>total obscuration of matter-two polar antitheses-as it ascends into 
>the realms of mental spirituality, or descends into the depths of 
>materiality." (SD)
>However this remains an unexplained and unproven fallacy at best.

The use of the words "unproven fallacy" implies that you "know" for a fact 
that the above quote is a "fallacy." If such is the case, what is your 
"proof" that such a theory is false? Do you, or does modern reductive 
material science have a better (proven) theory of the origin of the Universe, 
its fundamental laws, its unified fields, and all entities and forces within 

It seems, from my view, that theosophy has a much more consistent and 
parsimonious theory covering the origin and evolution of everything 
(including psi phenomena and the origin and nature of consciousness) that 
conventional science is yet to approach even near to -- except by a few 
pariah scientists working at its leading edges of Suprstring/M-brane theories 
(which are coming very close to the multidimensional field theory of 
theosophy -- as clearly described by HPB in the SD). 


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