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Re: Theos-World Karma

Mar 09, 2002 06:31 AM
by adelasie

Dear Ramadoss,

Again and again I am reminded that the true teaching of ancient 
wisdom is eminently practical and applicable to daily life. As 
complex and mind-boggling as some of its ramifications seem to be, 
the central impact of such teaching is simple ethics, widely known 
and universally accepted, at least as some almost unatainable ideal. 
Where is the person who will seriously say that unconditional love 
for one's fellow man is a bad thing? We admire those few examples of 
excellence personally, even as we collectively persecute them. If we 
can find that chord of understanding within our common experience, we 
can appeal to it as a way to show that the wisdom of the ages simply 
seeks to strengthen that which is superior in our natures, and 
transmute that which is inferior, or goes against the laws of nature. 

Best wishes,

On 8 Mar 2002 at 14:56, wrote:

> Couple of years ago, I was invited by a local church to discuss about
> the Eastern Religious ideas especially. Lo and behold, when I went in,
> was surprised to find a closet theosophist - none of the other members
> present were aware of it. With my background in theosophy, was able to
> explain to them that the two principles at the foundation of Eastern
> thought are Karma and Reincarnation. Firstly based on the concept that
> each one of us are responsible for all our actions - in thought, word
> and deed and accounts have to be settled. If not now, at some future
> time and there comes a time when all accounts are settled, and nothing
> more to be accounted for, then one graduates.
> The idea of self-responsibility was easy for everyone to understand
> (it is easy to pass the responsibility and blame to others!!!) and in
> this context the most plausible "hypotheses" are Karma and
> Reincarnation, in the absence of any other hypothesis other than just
> taking a stand that anything that cannot be demonstrated in a lab with
> double blind study is false.
> The presentation was in stark contrast to what people are used to
> seeing on TV and print media which confuse the day to day socio
> political going ons with that of the fundamental principles of the
> Eastern Thought.
> My .02
> mkr

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