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Re: Theos-World Re to Brigitte - Karma, cause and effect.

Mar 08, 2002 10:42 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 03/09/02 12:46:57 AM, writes:

>What if today is the outcome of yesterday, chronologically as well as 
>psychologically; and today is the cause of tomorrow. So cause is 
>effect, and effect becomes cause as one continuous movement, so there 
>is no fixed cause or fixed effect. 

Fallacious logic, or indiscriminate and irrational thinking, at best. 

Since when can a day, which is a division of time, be the cause of anything? 
It's only individual actions by beings or things that can cause any effects. 
Causation has nothing to do with abstract concepts like time or space. Time 
and space do not act nor do they move or change. It's only the things they 
enclose or measure that can act or move, and cause anything to happen, or 
cause change to occur as an effect, which, in turn becomes the cause of a 
following effect. 

So, any change of state of any thing, due to an external impulse (act of 
will, or action-reaction) is a process of fixed cause and fixed effect... 
Thus, the law of karma, cycles and periodicity, cause and effect (leading to 
further continuously linked chains of causes and effects) are immutable. If 
this were not so, none of our high technology communication, along with other 
electrical, optical and mechanical systems could work, and scientific 
conclusions attempting to rationally explain the structure, properties and 
activities of everything in the known and experienced universe, would be 


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