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RE: Theos-World Karma

Mar 08, 2002 11:43 AM
by dalval14

Dear Adelasie:

That's a splendid answer.

Most religions and priests have stepped between the sufferer and
the truth and pretend that there is a Personal Ruler - a God -
that is responsible for their suffering and if appealed to in the
proper way with adequate funds to the intercessing priest all can
be resolved -- or else, when nothing happens -- it is the
unquestionable "will of a heartless or vengeful God."

And even (especially) the priest is faultless.

Pride, vanity (expressed as authority) and pelf rule
priesthoods. Hence the demand for the unquestioning blind
"faith" of the "flock."

Under such a system no one is taught to think. And if
independent thought rears its head then it gets stamped on, and
we hear the dreaded "heresy," threatened with "excommunication."
Every one wants to belong to a club -- to have a group that will
help carry solitary burdens with sympathy and -- well the right
word escapes me -- I mean a cloying sweetness that offers solace
but still explains nothing.

It is the reasonableness of a Law that encompasses the universe
the IMMORTALlTY of the SPIRITUAL SOUL that is so important as a
position to take in regard to the ever-changing and ultimately
perishing body. It removes FEAR and substitutes KNOWLEDGE.

Once the doctrine of the imperishable and universally -present
Monads is known, the problem of brotherhood, responsibility, and
success, described as common goal ( SUPREME WISDOM AND
PERFECTION ) -- these ideas unite us to the infinite and make of
the "atom" a brother.

The ultimate UNITY is in the grasp the mind can give.

Best wishes as always,


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From: adelasie []
Sent: Friday, March 08, 2002 8:57 AM
Subject: Re: Theos-World Karma

Hi Terrie,

The thing that got me thinking about karma when I first heard
it (in this lifetime :-) was the concept of self-responsibility.
so difficult for a western mind, steeped in materialism, to
the vastness of a law that affects everything in the universe.
can we prove it? I don't suppose we will be able to do that for a
long time, being still sort of randy teenagers in terms of
(Not that I want to dis teenagers, having raised a bunch of
delightful ones myself, if I do say so)

But the idea that I, not someone else, not random chaos, not the
government, not my parents, not anything but I, am responsible
everything that happens to me, appealed to my better nature to
extent that I have spent some years investigating how this could
true. And I have to say that at this point it is the only thing
makes any sense to me. Either I am a pawn in a game which has no
rules, or I am an integral part of a system which is ruled by
justice, perfect compassion. Either I cannot ever understand any
the whats and whys, or I am capable of attaining to greater and
greater consciousness by accepting responsibility for myself and
thoughts, words, and actions. Either I am an isolated lonely
meaningless cypher on the scroll of a cruel uncaring universe, or
am an important speck in the vast scheme of things, without which
scheme would be forever altered. What's to choose?

Love and Light,


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