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Re: MWF Newsletter #29 (March 2002)

Mar 07, 2002 09:44 PM
by ramadoss

Russell Nelson wrote:

Russell Nelson, editor of Midwestern Federation wrote in 3/2002 newsletter editorial

"As my wife and I have been entering our personal library books into a
database, I am coming to realize what an incredible effort the early authors
of Theosophical literature made in producing their works. They didn't have
the publishing tools we have today, no computers, software, or printers, just
pen and paper. I think it's hard enough for me to put together an e-mail
monthly newsletter."

Just a while ago I was discussing with my mother about the commitment and devotion of the theosophical workers of early days when they were propelled by enthusiasm about theosophy and what it can do for the world. They were not at 9-5/M-F jobs (with salaries and benefits) and many of them were in their prime of life and committed to theosophical work. I think that that was what gave dynamism to theosophy in early days. Hopefully we may find the dynamism returns in the current century.


PS: I am posting my comments also in the theosophical maillists theos-l and theos-talk.

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