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Re: Theos-World Re: Theosophical inquiry and double standards.

Mar 07, 2002 07:28 PM
by ramadoss

Thanks for your quick response as well as the msg of 1/28 which somehow I missed may be due a glitch in the Internet Service provider's mail service (it has happened before and glad that I have new service which appears to be more reliable.) This should explain why I assumed you were unresponsive to my earlier inquiry about yourself.

I am very glad to see you have travelled around various countries -- which many do not have the opportunity to.

In the theosophical mailists, you will find the widest range of messages and ideas tossed about and personally speaking, I have in the past encouraged newcomers to post any message which they may consider outrageous and over a period of time everyone have found people on these lists while vehemently disagreeing on many things, still consider each other as brothers and sisters and friends, no matter whether one is aligned with one or more organizations or none, because without such an attitude the fundamentals of theosophy has only scratched them only on the surface.

As in all maillists, only a few post messages while the majority follow what is going on. You will see me post when I have something to say.

In friendship


PS: Your recent msgs appeared to be posted from a Far Eastern ISP intrigued me when many may have assumed you are posting from Austria!

At 01:50 AM 3/8/02 +0000, you wrote:
Why these attacks again "ramadoss@g", instead of communications whith
substance ?
Or is that what card holding Theosophists offer, to fight and to
hate ? Is that why there are so many split-offs from the TS ?
And why the double standards on this list ?

I did write about my personal life several times, and have definetly
been telling more about myself then any of the 162 people on this
list exept for Larry.

Interresting also Larry is one of the few people that has been making
honest and intelligent comments, of those that do make comments at

Among others see:

Including that I was a working (graduate)student at Vienna University
before, even it was a "back to school" type of thing as I have a 13
year old son, and I am 35.
And still have my web-page on the univie server which is allowed up
to one year afterwards, as long one pays the web-site fee.
I may ad that my mother is from Singapore (partly Chinese) and my
father is Austrian.

So now for once on this list is it possible to also be fare and
honest, and based on your demand now also everybody else shares him-
her-self at least as much as I have done ?


And I fully agree if the people that have nothing intelligent to say
but hateful things, put my postings automaticly in the trash can, so
hopefully we have some more elevated conversations on this list

--- In theos-talk@y..., ramadoss@g... wrote:
> At 10:07 AM 3/6/02 -0800, dalval14@e... wrote:
> >I would say that Brig M. is quite misguided and does not show the
> >true spirit of an impartial investigator seeking information.
> >She has been offensive and inaccurate; and also her references
> >are not very trustworthy. She also seems to be sly and
> >secretive. Her motives are quite unclear, but they do not
> >resemble those of a true investigator or student, more in the
> >nature of an "inquisitor" with a prejudged position.
> Dallas:
> You are right. I posted a msg some time back asking her about her
> background, affiliations, interests and how she got interested in
> etc and she has not responded to date.
> You may also recall there was another instance of another
> "researcher/student" who quite some time ago was very secretive and
> responsive. Transparency, is usually found when we deal with people
even in
> business situation.
> May be Dennis' suggestion is a good one.
> mkr

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