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RE: Theos-World Re-incarnation?

Mar 07, 2002 05:28 PM
by dalval14

Thursday, March 07, 2002

Dear Terrie:

You will find if you read The SECRET DOCTRINE (look up in the
INDEX references under MONAD)
that the basic building blocks of the manifesting Universe is the
MONAD. It is constitute of a conjoined unity of SPIRIT and

Each MONAD is a mirror of every other. They are immortal centers
of force (just like the "atoms" of Science -- dot don't confuse
them with the Atoms, please as the "physical atoms are made up of
millions of "monads."

Where do the Monas come from? You will find The SECRET DOCTRINE
stats that there is a vast unlimited Ocean of "Monadic Essence."
Or a spiritual highly refined substance which is undifferentiated
and concerning which no qualities or correspondences exist.
Some call it the "Causeless Cause." Others use word like "Ilus,"
or "Abyss," or "the Ocean of Life," and there are other names
given to the concept.

If one inquires into the reason for this vast field of evolution
of which our earth and we, ourselves are very small objects, the
philosophical answer was once given: SPIRIT (the ONE) desired
to know itself. To do this it needed a mirror. Thereupon it
split into two equal entities -- thus the first MONAD (as said:
a universal ocean) came into existence. These two are co-equals.
For them to have any relation they needed a bridge, a line of
communication. UNIVERSAL MIND (Mahat) was made manifest. Every
Monad in manifestation, metaphysically is considered to be a
trinity of SPIRIT, MIND, and MATTER. All three are co-equals
and immortals.

As the Monads proceed over the vast course of evolution in an
eternity of time, every possible experience and stage of
manifestation developed, managed by MIND as the Laws of Karma
which turned "Chaos" into Kosmos. Or, confusion into order and

And thus you have an answer to three things at least:

1.	The ever-creative process of forms emanating out of NO-FORM

2.	The ever harmonious interplay of ever-moving immortal Forms of

3.	The development of WISDOM out of ignorance and curiosity The
Individualization of the human Mind and its eventual emergence,
glorified in full cognizance of the UNIVERSE -- as the Buddhas
and the Dhyanis of our world and Universe. Those are our "Elder
Brothers" -- the Adepts.

Best wishes,


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From: Terrie Halprin []
Sent: Thursday, March 07, 2002 10:11 AM
Subject: Theos-World Re-incarnation?


This is an interesting thought -cuz- generally, it's
widely accepted as fundamental notion that "there's
nothing new under the sun"


"new" folks/spirits are born every day -huh?
Okay, then, I'd suppose that all depends on your
definition(s) of "new".

Also, I think, another generally accepted notion (TOE)
efforts to example it's current hunch/belief that
there is/maintains a continuity of inner-relatednesses
-SO- I see no reason why these such continued
efficiencies sh/would be excluding ourselves as to be
non-existent - nature is very/very efficient.

SO.... maybe, indeed these reconstitution processes
(unto most folks) succeed very well.?!

Have a BEAUTIFUL day,


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