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Re: Theos-World understanding or attacking Theosophy?

Mar 06, 2002 04:13 PM
by adelasie

Dear John,

What an honor you were able to bestow! 

I am feeling very encouraged, after reading some of the posts about 
Einstein and from Mr. Maurer about science in general, to think that 
there is a lot more going on in those brilliant scientific minds than 
most of us could know about. I recently had a chance to meet with a 
young scientist and discuss theosophical views concerning some recent 
research in the health area. It was fascinating to see how he applied 
what was said to what he is working on. Even in the midst of 
relatively unprecedented turmoil and even danger, the Light is 
continuing to shine into the minds that are ready to sustain and use 
it. This is inevitable, to my mind, and yet it is good to see the 

Best wishes,

On 4 Mar 2002 at 19:09, wrote:

> Adelasie,
> As always they were initiated solely by my Pontifical
> Supreme 
> announcement
> that by simple entering they were made members. Lol.
> I liked the Einstein statement you post and find much to
> agree 
> with in it. I 
> admire his achievement and genius, and I have the hunch that he
> internally and 
> humbly gave quiet recognition to that mysterious, enigmatic,
> profound reservoir of anamnesis.
> John
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