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A "Search" of "Trismegistus" on

Mar 06, 2002 07:43 AM
by Compiler

Because the subject of Hermes Trismegistus is being spoken of and/or
discussed in these groups, and for whatever it may be worth to those
interested, as there may be something worthwhile to find in these
articles, I just did a quick word search on this Search Engine page of
the web site. Here's the link to it:

The search link is found in the lower portion of the "Additional"
articles index page: in the section that contains links to many
Theosophical books, and articles by HPB and WQJ. A link to it is at the
bottom of this message.

I did the search using "AND" and "Insensitive" -- here's a copy of the
page, with the list of articles found, that the word search for
Trismegistus brought up. I assume that you should see this same list of
articles that the word is found in if you do the same, and they will all
be live links.

Search Results

Below are the results of your Search in no particular order:

Great Theosophists--Alchemy and the Alchemists (14 of 29)
Egyptian "Immortality"
Man--Protean Differentiation
The Kabbalah (Part 1 of 3: Its Underlying Ideas)
Gnosis & Christianity: Jesus-Logos-Christos
Swing of the Solar Scythe (81 of 103)
Eclectic Theosophy
Statements of Consequence
Gnosis & Christianity: Christos & Sophia Achamoth
Great Theosophists--Paracelsus: Physician (21 of 29)
Pagan Roots: The Trinity
Science and The Secret Doctrine (Part 34 of 103)
The Ageless Repositories
Great Theosophists--The Neoplatonic Revival (19 of 29)
Origins (The Races of Man series) (Part 1 of 6)
"The Bhagavad-Gita"--Informal Essays (7 of 24)
The S.D. in Pythagorean & Platonic Teachings(1of3)
The Children of the Sun
Jabir or Geber (HealthMedicine-SicknessDisease)

Search Information:

Term(s): Trismegistus
Boolean Used: AND
Case: Insensitive

Additional Links:

Back to Search Page

I hope this proves to be somewhat helpful and useful to some people.

On another note, in case you might be interested, you will find the link
to my "Public & Private Enterprise" web site at the bottom of this page.

John DeSantis

You may find a great deal of the Truth that you are searching for here:

Wisdom World web site (Main Page):

This is the Index page of the "Introductory", "Setting the Stage" book,
which was especially compiled for newcomers to Theosophy:

The page where "Additional" articles are slowly being added:

This next link is to the most updated version of my economic-project
proposal to humanity, a practical project to help our suffering humanity
that I also consider to be Theosophical. In it you will find a new and
unique, but mostly unknown, economic system model that might be able to
put an end to involuntary poverty on earth. How? It presents a way to
fully finance everything of importance that is needed in every nation.
Because of this it's well worth pointing to. Please note that, for
strategic reasons, of wanting it to have the best chance of being
accepted by all peoples worldwide, no matter what their religious,
philosophical, and scientific beliefs are, I've put it on a completely
different web site; it contains no mention of, or link to, the Theosophy
and the Theosophical Movement that is presented on my
web site:


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