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Re: Theos-World Reg. "Crazy Eagle" and pseudo-science.

Mar 06, 2002 00:43 AM
by samblo

Leon and Brigitte,
Just an input I might add. It regards this: Castaneda and his 
disciple. If Brigitte
can locate an archive for an American magazine named "Seeds of 
Unfolding" and 
carefully read the frontispieces in one of them between 1977-83 there is 
a photo
of one of the founders who also works for Unesco of the United Nations. 
a chance meeting in LA, California I came to know him and even though he 
had my name or address shortly there after I received a "Complimentary" 
to it. On the same frontispiece where he is featured is another photo. 
That photo is 
of the real, actual disciple of Castaneda, who then resided in Whittier 
California. He
was also one of the Founders of "Seeds of Unfolding Magazine" and the Path 
which were mostly composed of women. The Group scheduled "Walks" on Nature 
Trails in Natural Setting as an environment for discourse and discussion 
along the 
line of Platonists. I might add also to Eldon that Martin was shown this 
issue at the
time I had it in LA and he may have even visited the Disciple in Whittier 


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