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Re: Theos-World understanding or attacking Theosophy?

Mar 03, 2002 04:06 PM
by ramadoss

At 11:54 AM 3/3/02 -0800, Eldon B Tucker wrote:
From what you say above, your aim is more than simply understand
something of what Theosophists may think. Your immediate comparison
of theosophical groups to the Flat Earth Society shows your hostility.
Eldon good and reasoned response.

Many of us who have been exposed to theosophy have continued our association (many for a long time) with others exposed to theosophy - whether one is formally associated with a theosophical organization or not, is, IMHO, due to three prime reasons -- (1) theosophy encourages inquiry and (2) keeps an open mind while there may be many presentations and (3) has changed the lives of many due to its doctrines and ideas presented. The continued world-wide interest in theosophy after more than a century of its modern founding, speaks for itself; even the existence of the maillists -- which for all practical purposes are unmoderated -- is ascribed to the fundamental strength of the ideas presented by theosophy.

Anyone who takes time to scan through the archives of this and other theosophical maillists would find that the range of discussions is so wide and civil and criticisms by responders are mild compared to what one will find in many unmoderated maillists.

My .02


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