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Re: Theos-World being true to our calling

Mar 02, 2002 12:32 PM
by adelasie

Dear MKR,

What you describe is nothing less than evidence of the gradual 
evolution of humanity toward consciousness of the unity of all life. 
This evolution is occurring whether we choose to recognize it or 
participate in it or not. It is for the purpose of increasing this 
consciousness that theosophy, in all its forms, comes into usage in 
our daily lives. The gentle and natural development of this 
consciousness that you describe is an indication of its inherent 
place in our natures, something we already know, but must learn to 
know that we know. And eventually all will come to some form of 
realization of its truth. If I understand what you are saying here, 
it is for this that we live in this cycle. If we wanted to find 
"proof" that theosophy has had an effect upon the Western world, we 
could consider what you describe. These are inner developments, not 
dependent upon outer conditions, but flourishing in more individuals 
than we could possibly count.

Best wishes,

On 25 Feb 2002 at 0:33, MKR wrote:

> Dear Adelasie:
> Let me add my .02.
> In my experience, if one recognizes in his/her heart of hearts, the
> First Object of the Society and puts it into daily use, over a period
> of time, one significant change takes place in one's outlook. Most of
> us are most of the time concerned with our own personal interests in
> any situation we run into. The gradual change that takes place is
> change of direction. Instead of our personal interests dominating
> every situation, one slowly takes a view of everyone's interest. This
> change in attitude comes very naturally and most of the people we deal
> with tend to notice it over a period of time. This kind of change
> takes place even when one does not believe in higher planes or higher
> beings and entities and does not study the nitty gritty details of the
> various ideas presented in theosophical writings.
> This is my observation. Everyone's mileage may vary as they say.
> mkr

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