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Re: Theos-World To Larry, Masonic/Egyptian connection and Smith.

Mar 02, 2002 10:07 AM
by Larry F Kolts

Before I actually review those web listings, let me give you an overview
of sources.

After Hugh Nibley completed his massive studies of Mormon scriptures
there always followed a number of reviews. Few of these was ever large
enough for book form, but appeared instead in one of the journals
connected with Mormonism

1-BYU Studies is the output of pro-Mormon apologists for the mostpart and
usually supportive of Nibley, who is one of their own. Very well written,
and scholatly, they nevertheless reflect the Church point of view.

2-The Journal of the Mormon History Association is a little less
pro-Mormon but certainly not anti either. Nuutral is the best word to
use. One recent Association president, Jan Shipps, is herself NOT a
Mormon but loves to study and follow its trends,. She is the chief
proponent of the idea that Mormonism is history in the making, a major
denomination on the threshold of breaking out to become a major world

3-Dialogue a Journal of Mormon Thought is critical of the Church. Good
replies to Nibley would be found there

4-Sunstone is another critical journal

5-The main anti-Mormon press is Gerald and Sandra Tanner's Utah
Lighthouse Ministry and is online. Their chief work is MORMONISM, SHADOW
OR REALITY, but they have many others, plus a monthly newsletter chock
full of the latest. They have been on Nibley's case since the outset.

I'll still get to those sites


On Sat, 02 Mar 2002 02:12:53 -0000 "bri_mue" <> writes:
> What then can concrete be said (so far) regarding the biographical 
> circumstances of this Masonic/Egyptian connection in Smith's life ?
> And not a Mormon scolar myself, may I pls ask also for your opinion, 
> which of the links that show up on the Google search : "Joseph 
> Smith+Cagliostro" and ""Joseph Smith+Masonic/Egyptian" contain some 
> of the more accurate historical information ? 
> Thank you,
> Bri. 

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