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Re: Theos-World The origine of the Central Sun.

Mar 02, 2002 06:09 AM
by samblo

I thought I posted a reply to Brigitte's question about other 
sources in History
relating to the Central Sun. I do like your definition you found on 
as it indicates "Ruby" in addition to Golden, the aspects being 
might well remind one of Electrum. It is an apt description.

Although I used memory of Hiranyagharbha from some years back, I 
"Sanskrit Keys to the Wisdom Religion" Judith Tyberg 1940. Page 115


"Literally "the Golden Egg" or "the Egg of imperishable matter", the 
"Auric Egg"
of a universe, a solar system, a planet . a god, or a human being. 
is a compound of hiranya---golden, and garbha----womb. Legend, which 
is verily history of the hoary past says that Brahman, the Universal 
Divinity, cast a seed into the waters of space. From this seed, which 
became Hiranyagarbha or the golden egg which shone like unto the sun, was 
born Brahma the Solar Self. The Auric Egg
of any being is that radiant sphere which is the source of the being on 
all planes. In
an article on the Auric Egg to appear in the Encyclopedic Glossary, Dr. 
de Purucker
writes about the Auric Egg of a human being in the following words:

It ranges from the divine to the astral-physical , and is the seat of 
all the monadic
. spiritual,intellectual,mental, passional, and vital energies and 
faculties of the 
human septiform constitution. In it's essense it is eternal, and 
endures throughout
the Pralayas as well as during the Manvantaras; but necessarily in 
greatly varying fashion between these two great periods of Kosmic Life."

and a 2nd glossary resource also by Judith Tyberg "The Language of the 
Gods" P.126,

Hiranya-para-kosha : The golden highest sheaf, the body of Brahman, the 
(hiranya---golden; para---beyond, kos'a--- sheath).

If my memory is right I recall that there is a chapter on Hiranyagarbha 
in the 
"Brhadaranyaka Upanishad" Hiranyagarbha is mentioned and indexed.

In The Complete Works. H. P. Blavatsky writes that the word Hiranya

does not mean "gold" but the golden light of divine knowledge, the first 
in whose womb is contained the light of the eternal truth which 
illuminates the liberated soul when it has reached it's highest abode. It 
is, in short the 
"Philosophers Stone" of the alchemist, and the eternal light of the Fire 
II, p 76 

All I was attempting to mention was in keeping of the discussion about 
Central Sun, Black Sun and other such identifiers that have recently been 
the topic
on the list. A contribution for what it is worth for better or for worse.


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