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Re: Theos-World To Larry, Re "Central Sun" and Smith part III.

Mar 01, 2002 03:27 PM
by samblo

Thanks. I will look forward to your further explanations. In the 
meantime I ask 
a few scattered catch up inquires from some earlier posts.

1. you mentioned the "Gnostic" Marcionites. I have a copy of the Gospel 
Marcion, it is probably the earliest Gospel circa 140 AD. It is 
almost entirely
in agreement with the Canonical Gospels excepting that Marcion 
all genealogies from it. To me at least it seems very much the same 
and I do
not perceive Gnostic derivatives in it such as their Symbols, 
Cosmology, or 
technical descriptions. In what way do you consider Marcion Gnostic?

2. In another post you reference a woman you name as Linda Thompson, 
that she was organizationally a member connected to a group or 
groups having
radical right-wing tendencies and that she Authored and Produced a 
Documentary on Waco. As I read this I wondered has 
Brigitte confused two
different people here? I do not know of a Linda Thompson but am 
familiar with
the well known and published Author and Investigative Journalist, 
Producer, Multiple Emmy Award Winner Linda Moulton Howe who did 
a PBS documentary on Waco. Which is which?

3. As the Central sun and my earlier replies Of course the Black Hole
article was just to clear the air and separate mundane and 
esoteric. The 
reference I gave which I called the Midnight Sun (my own peculiar 
is based upon my own Noetic experience itself.

4. As to "Materialization," they do happen, once I placed a coin 
that had allegedly been materialized under a stereo zoom 
microscope and carefully
scanned and examined it methodically top to bottom, under the 
I was astonished by certain features it contained which could not 
be discerned
by the eye alone. I searched nuministic catalogues for 15 years 
for that coin,
and never found it to this day.

5. The causing of rain in a room or building is not restricted to 
the case of HPB alone, there was a much more recent manifestation 
in 1977 that I was made 
aware of.

6. In the case of Satya Sai Baba the distinction that is unique in 
his case is that
he is alleged to have materialized Gems that are permanent and 
momentary manifestations that quickly evaporate away. Howard Murphet
publishes as a Theosophist his personal observance and continued 
of the Gem manisfested by Satya Sai Baba. As Sai Baba as known to 
have been materializing and manifesting solid material Gems that 
appear to be a
transmorgrification of elements handy such as the sands on the 
shore of a river, and giving them away freely without price to those 
whom he chooses to, 
for decades, certainly neither the amazing Randy or a David 
Copperfield could afford to
follow in his footsteps by producing large Carat Gems by sleight 
of hand and giving them away to $5.00 ticket audience members, if 
so the capital process
would shortly bankrupt them would it not?


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