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Internet Messages

Mar 01, 2002 06:41 AM
by ramadoss

With the wide world coverage of Internet, I got curious about the geographical origin of the messages, since I presumed the subscription is from various countries of the world. Most of the time, from the e-mail address one can locate the origin country as countries outside USA have country suffixes.

Increasingly many use e-mail address at hotmail, yahoo etc for various reasons. However, to my surprise I found that even when such addresses are used, the ISP address from where the message originates is imbedded in the message unless one uses one of the random scrambling sites are used to originate the message. So the privacy is some what limited!!!

Out of curiosity I recently made a search of some of the originating addresses and was surprised to find one that I thought was originating from a western country; it was indeed originating from far east.

Thought some Internet novices may be interested.


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