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Re: Theos-World Scientific tests or/and tests from agknowledged parapsychologists links.

Feb 26, 2002 11:32 PM
by leonmaurer

There is no way for parapsychologists, or anyone else, to "prove" the 
existence or non existence of the chakras. But they can be shown -- 
indirectly through a logical series of geo-mathematical progressions and 
deductions starting from initial emanation of the "spinergy" ray from the 
primal zero-laya-point -- to be the actual inner structure of the Universal 
field after its full manifestation. 

Entirely consistent with the fundamental scientific laws of "electricity" and 
cyclic harmonics, "chakra field centers" are zero (laya) points where phase 
differentiated coenergetic (vibratory energy) fields originate and intersect 
with each other in the (inner folded multidimensional) manner shown in the 
symbolic (cross sectional) universal involutionary spherical field diagrams 
at (and linked to):

Since, this process of chakra-field involution continues logically in a 
harmonic numerical series "starting from zero" (from pralaya through man
vantara and return to pralaya), the chakra centers on the primal or universal 
level repeat themselves in lawfully harmonic groupings or "chords" as the 
universe descends from the spiritual to the physical-material planes. This is 
known in occult circles as; "The music of the spheres", with its laws stated 
as; "As above, so below". 

Looking at it from the lower material level upward, the chakra centers within 
the body are analogous with and correspond to those chakras on the higher 
planes that extend, also analogous to each other (as in musical scales), in 
continuous "triple" "octaval", "decimal" and "duodecimal" steps or 
energy/frequency phases -- outward from human (and other sentient beings) -- 
to the planet, sun, solar system, galactic system, galactic cluster system, 
to the Universal system -- and beyond. 

Remember... The zero-point, the moving spiral circle of infinite primal 
energy surrounding it, and the primal Space they are both in, are ONE thing 
-- that contains the noumena of ALL awareness, ALL mind and memory, and the 
potentials of ALL forms of matter and consciousness in the phenomenal 
universe -- ruled by never changing fundamental laws of cycles and 

Of course, since such inner transcendental fields are both invisible and 
immeasurable (although they can be subjectively "experienced" consciously in 
the case of yogis and unconsciously in the case of non-yogis) -- "objective" 
reductive science can know nothing about them -- other than the scientific 
assumptions they make based on their observed physical phenomenal "effects" 
-- which are limited to what scientists can measure or speculate about them 
mathematically. Therefore, physical science is, like the "elephant and the 
blind" of Plato -- always groping in the dark and skirting around the edges 
of understanding these fundamental truths. But the noumena of these 
"effects" have been known, defined, and taught by Masters and Adepts from 
time immemorial, and clearly described (including the basic symbolic and 
numerical formulas) by HPB in her restatement of their teachings in the SD 
and other writings.


In a message dated 02/24/02 5:11:23 AM, writes:

>Pls present us with your links showing the various Scientific tests 
>or/and recognised tests from agknowledged parapsychologists that 
>prove the chakras are real. 
>And how many chakras the tests came up with, the 7 , or 12 chakra 
>system (with additional chakras above the head) ?
> Bri.
>See also:
>--- In theos-talk@y..., Daniel Caldwell <danielhcaldwell@y...> wrote:
>> Brigitte wrote:
>> ". . . the chakras . . . are imaginary."
>> Jerry replied:
>> ". . . I do disagree with you, Brigitte, on the
>> chakras. They are certainly not imaginary, although
>> imagination is used to allow one to initially get in
>> touch with them. They are real, and I know this from
>> my own experience in addition to a great deal of
>> literature, both old and new, including the acceptance
>> of the chakras by modern transpersonal psychology. I
>> agree that the colorful fine details ala the likes of
>> CWL are a bit silly and overdone, but the chakras and
>> nadis themselves are very real."
>> It will be interesting to see if Brigitte and Jerry
>> outline their underlying thinking and reasoning for
>> coming to such opposite conclusions.
>> Brigitte has asked for modern scientific evidence for
>> "materializations", so what are her thoughts on this
>> in relation to chakras?
>> Related to chakras is the concept of an "aura". I
>> know several people who claim to see auras as well as
>> chakras. Some of them see both auras and chakras in
>> some interrelated non-physical structure. I believe
>> even Paul Johnson sees auras. I wonder whether
>> Brigitte considers auras to also be imaginary. If so,
>> then how does she explain what various people see when
>> they say they see auras and/or chakras?
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>> Daniel H. Caldwell
>> "...Contrast alone can enable us to appreciate things at
>> their right value; and unless a judge compares notes and
>> hears both sides he can hardly come to a correct decision."
>> H.P. Blavatsky. The Theosophist, July, 1881, p. 218.
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