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Re: Theos-World Aethyr

Feb 26, 2002 04:48 PM
by Dennis Kier

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Subject: Theos-World Aethyr

> <<< that each star is surrounded by an aether cloud, by which
light waves are transmitted,...>>>
> Dear Dennis, two guys a long time ago conducted an experiment to
find the aethyr in space and they couldn't find it. A guy by the name
of Einstein then came along and showed that the aethyr is not
necessary. Light does not need a medium in which to be transmitted.
There is no aethyr, at least not in the physical sense. Everything
that we human beings can possibly observe is all relative to the speed
of light.
Gee, I miss the mail for one day, and when I come back I have 218
messages waiting for me.

Things certainly have changed since the "two guys" thought they were
looking for aethyr, and instead proved their basic assumptions were
wrong. There may or may not have been aethyr flowing through them, but
without testing the other possibilities, they couldn't have found

Their attitude really reminds me of the attitude of A.P. Sinnette with
regards his inate intellectual superiority over the Masters to run the
Magic School he wanted to establish if he could just get the Masters
to turn over all their secrets to him.

My old college physics book of 1977 devotes a couple of pages to
Michelson & Morley, and their experiments in 1887, where they
concluded that the ether (the book's spelling) didn't exist. Of
course, if the illustration in the book of Michelson's interferometer
is accurate, they couldn't have found it even if it is there. I think
it probably is.

As I understand it they thought aethyr was a relatively passive
material all through space, and that the relative motion of the earth
on its axis, and the solar system going around would pass through this
relitively fixed aethyr at some time or another.

They made their little machine with beam splitters, mirrors and the
like, and were very careful to get and the table it was on strictly
level, and all that, and sighted through it, and then rotated it 90
degrees, and sighted through it again, and couldn't find any

And like A.P. Sinnette, they overlooked the flaw in their assumptions,
and declared to the world that aethyr didn't exist, instead of saying
that they couldn't find it, or that their experiment was designed in
such a way that they couldn't find anything.

Of course this was in 1887, and there have been a lot of discoveries
about magnetism and solar wind, and a magnetic polarity of the sun,
and many other things.

I suppose if they had just read HPB, they could have gotten a clue.
She simply said that in the Theosophical view of the universe,
everything moves. I think she is right, and that even aethyr is
included. With the discoveries about solar wind being expelled from
the sun, and I suppose any star, There is evidently a cloud of charged
material being constantly flowing (millions of years) from the sun,
and passing the planets, which are of a different charge.

So, like charges repel, [the sun, solar wind, aethyr, and who knows
what else] and dissimilar charges attract, [the earth, planets & maybe
other solid matter].

Ether then, would be flowing in a perpindicular manner from space
straight down into the earth, and stopping at the center of the
planet, at every point on the surface.

M&M's experiment tested ONLY for a horizontal flow, thinking that the
relative motion of the earth and the solar system would put the earth
across the ether at some point, and could never measure a vertical
flow. They were careful to design their experiment to negate any
vertical flow of any material. I am surprised that they, or Einstein,
or someone didn't pick up on that.

> Why are you still talking about aethyr?

I think it would probably be useful in understanding more about a lot
of Tesla's works, which also seem to violate a lot of old outmoted
scientific laws.

I don't have the money to go about aquiring scientific insturments,
and I have always wondered that if M&M had just turned their
insturment in a vertical manner, would they have found some indication
of what they were looking for?

It is interesting that Einstein modified his theories several times to
conform to what he percieved to be flaws in the theories, when they
didn't match what people told him HAD to be true. And now, others have
written in this thread that ether is outmoted, not needed, and others
say that some current scientists are feeling that maybe ether is
necessary for the propagation of light.

I suppose the mathematicians will continue to fudge their calculations
to match the current politically correct "Laws" of science, for years
to come. I wonder if they will all ever get it right, and agree on it.


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