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RE: T-World -- BLACK HOLES -- Question for Leon Maurer

Feb 26, 2002 04:25 PM
by dalval14

Tuesday, February 26, 2002

Re: BLACK HOLES ? Fact or ?

Dear Friends:

As I see it theosophy does not support the "Black Hole"
hypothesis as described.

I does however speak of a plane or condition (S D I 145) which
is transitory between two aspects of manifestation -- a kind of a
null state which is apparently only temporary. It is called in
The SECRET DOCTRINE a "Laya center." (S D I 147-8). It is
visible to the Adepts (S D I 489). There are said to be 7 Laya
centers (S D I 138-9, 147-8).

It is also called in The SECRET DOCTRINE a "zero point." (S D I
130, 147-8, 545, 551, 620)

Keely used for the Laya center the term "Etheric Center" (S D I
148 footnote)

To such a center a dying globe transmits all its energies (S D I
155-6, 172) for storage until under Karma it reincarnates in
another age into a new Globe, and those energies reawaken.

It is described as "absolute homogeneity" ( S D I 522, 567,
589). Also called a "primitive state of atoms" (S D I 522, 568
footnote) -- or "protyle" (S D I 522, II 105).

Symbolically in some Theogonies, the Universal Virgin-Mother is
made to emerge from Laya -- symbolic of primordial matter
(Chaos), or Mulaprakriti -- also called Maha-Buddhi. (S D Vol.
I describes the process). Also as "female Space" (S D I 90 fn,
231, 431, II 84). Manifestation starts with it (S D I 283

The "central SUN" is said to be in such a condition (S D II 240

As usual if these terms and descriptions are taken literally we
are confused, but if we look at them and synthesize the
information the concept, in the material world, of destruction,
preservation and regeneration emerge as evolutionary wave
succeeds evolutionary wave in the vast Ocean of Space, called by
some the Abyss (S D I 367, 427, II 503). As usual every aspect
of Theosophical doctrine and philosophy will be found to interact
and intertwine in and around such concepts.

One thing is quite clear and that is that physical plane theories
and hypothetical reviews of possible pasts will not totally add
up to the actual on the spot observations and records of the
immortal ADEPTS. The physical data offer far too shallow a base
for consideration, and as additional facts emerge from research,
the revision of thought and theory proceed ever apace. But the
theosophical statements as history and doctrine do not waver.

best wishes,



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Steve Stubbs wrote:
> My understanding is that if one were to get in a space
> ship and head for a black hole, because of the
> distortions in the space time continuum, you would
> never actually get there. As you approached it, time
> would slow down so that you spent eternity approaching
> it asymptotically (if "eternity" has any meaning here)
> but never actually arrive. So the SR could in one
> sense be said to be the end of the universe.

Hi Steve and list,
Perhaps I'm not the more skilled to say something in this area
but I'll
do anyway :). The problem here is that your are describing what
*observer* (not the mad guy who is actually sinking in the black
sees. And that is correct. But for the "pilot" he will perceive
that he
is passing through the SR.

> I also understand that any amount of matter produce
> such a phenomenon (a point at which gravity causes
> time and space to disappear), so that there is an SR
> in our own planet. The difference is that it is
> within the planet (whereas it is exterior to the black
> hole) and is extremely minute, given that the amount
> of matter in a planet is so small compared to the
> matter in a black hole, which may be an entire galaxy.

Well, I think it's not so simple. As you said the point is the
of matter, not just the amount of it. Even a neutron star (with
millions of times of that of palladium - the denser natural
element) is *not* a black hole. But if we think at the beginning
of the
Universe, accepting the Big-Bang Theory, we could guess that the
Singularity which gave birth to the actual Universe, was a black
So if someone asks: "how is the interior of a black hole?" we can
simply "look around"..
Light and Peace,

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